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Support the Paycheck Fairness Act … Tell Members of Congress

It’s down to the wire.

We need your help to ensure that as many Members of Congress as possible sign on as co-sponsors of the Paycheck Fairness Act by Equal Pay Day on Tuesday.

Take Action: Tell Your Members of Congress to Co-Sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act

On Equal Pay Day, some politicians talk a good game about their support of equal pay without actually endorsing the policies that would help close the wage gap. We need to send a clear message that empty talk is not enough. We need our Members of Congress to take a firm stand by publicly supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is a strong bill to address the wage gap on multiple fronts.

What would the Paycheck Fairness Act do?

This bill would deter wage discrimination by updating and strengthening the Equal Pay Act, including by barring retaliation against workers who disclose their own wages to co-workers—such as firing employees for talking about their salaries. And new this year, the bill would also prohibit employers from seeking a job applicant’s salary history so that pay discrimination will no longer follow women and people of color from job to job.

It’s time for our Members of Congress to do more than say nice things about equal pay.

Tell them to co-sponsor the Paycheck Fairness Act before Equal Pay Day.

Tuesday, April 4, is Equal Pay Day this year. It marks the day that the typical woman’s wages finally catch up to those of her male counterparts from the previous year. With the Paycheck Fairness Act, we can start to close the gap. Tell your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the bill today.

Thanks for joining We the Resistance’s fight to achieve equal pay.

In solidarity,
Emily Martin
General Counsel and Vice President for Workplace Justice
National Women’s Law Center


We the Resistance is our fight to protect our rights and freedoms and to defend the most vulnerable among us through powerful collective action. Every conversation you have with a loved one about the issues important to you, every call you make to Congress, every rally you attend is a part of that resistance. Join us—sign on to the We The Resistance manifesto.

trump: “Energy Independence,” This executive order is Outrageous …by Dan Abrams


Have you heard about the Administration’s latest assault against our environment?
Just a few hours ago, Trump signed an Executive Order that threatens to undermine one of the most important environmental gains of the past decade. This Executive Order is a hand-out to polluters and the oil and gas industries, and was clearly designed to gut the Clean Air Act. This action sends the clearest signal yet on Trump’s priorities: polluter’s profits are more important than Americans’ health.
Will you sign this petition and demand a reversal of this horrible Executive Order?
Trump is calling his order “Energy Independence,” but in reality his order derails America’s fastest-growing energy sectors: solar and wind. Trump cites a thoroughly-debunked report by a dirty industry-funded consulting firm in claiming that the Clean Power Plan harms the American economy, but in fact his own Environmental Protection Agency’s projections show the Clean Power Plan nets $54 billion in health and climate benefits and could save the nation more than $298 billion in utility bills. Click here to tell Trump to disavow the ‘alternative facts’ that shaped this disastrous action.
As a former EPA staffer, I stand by my colleagues – expert scientists and policy makers who believe in the mission of the agency to protect human health and the environment. America once was known for bold initiatives that conquered complex problems – but this Executive Order only cowers to the status quo and props up unhealthy, unsustainable practices with no regard for our children or the future of our planet. Indeed, Trump’s order cedes American leadership on climate.

Trump is favoring dirty-energy interest groups at the expense of the American public. Please, sign this petition to demand better of our elected leaders.

In solidarity,Dan Abrams
Global Director of Earth Day

HUGE ruling for our planet … with the help from 8 kids- Will this win be repealed

Jay Inslee Logo

Eight courageous kids went to court to compel us adults to take action on climate change. I’m happy to say that they won.

These eight kids know that our state can do more to fight climate change — and I do, too. Their case has been a call for action to no longer ignore our climate and our kids. And now, the court has affirmed that our plan to reduce carbon pollution is the right thing to do, and now is the right time.

While we fight for better schools and an economy that works for everyone, making sure we do our part to protect our air and water for generations to come must be a critical issue for all of us.

Now, we need to stand together, along with those eight kids, and continue our commitment to taking action. Will you add your name right now in support of a strongClean Air Rule for our state?

Thanks to those eight kids, the court has affirmed our plan to act, contrary to the assertion of those who continue to obstruct action on climate change and ocean acidification. Hundreds of people have participated in the creation of our state’s Clean Air Rule and the draft will be out this month.

It’s a powerful statement that these kids took legal action to fight for the future of our planet — for their future. I’m grateful that they did. Their generation has so much more at stake when it comes to climate change. That’s why this election is so important.

We must continue to fight to reduce our carbon pollution immediately. We’re also going to build a clean energy economy — one where Washington leads.

Add your name right now to show your support for a strong Clean Air Rule worthy of our kids’ future.

This is about our future. This is about our kids’ future. Taking action is an imperative — I’m grateful to have you on my side for this effort.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Slaughterhouse torture – Emma Ruby-Sachs – Avaaz

Dear Avaazers,

Brave activists installed secret cameras in slaughterhouses and filmed animals being hacked, dismembered and decapitated all while alive and conscious!

Scientists have proved that many animals have the same emotions and awareness as toddlers. It’s time to stop torturing them in this sickening way.

Thankfully, the secret footage forced governments in France and Israel to require 24 hour slaughter surveillance — and we can take this genius strategy global. If each of us chips in now, Avaaz’ll buy the cameras, fund undercover journalists to get footage, and then run massive exposé campaigns in the media to force governments to make this violence illegal and protect animals everywhere.

Seeing the fear and pain in the eyes of a cow as she is pushed to brutal torture and death is beyond heartbreaking. And to not even take the extra few seconds to sedate and numb her beforehand, just to make a tiny bit more money and kill more animals faster, is inhumane and must be stopped.

In France activists put cameras in a slaughterhouse that claimed to be “animal friendly,” and showed animals weren’t even being stunned before they were killed. The videos were so shocking, they inspired a national campaign that won a ruling requiring cameras in the places animals are raised and killed for meat, that have to be reviewed by animal welfare experts!

Whether we eat meat or not, this kind of law stops unnecessary violence AND makes sure our food comes from safe (and sane) farms and factories.

If we put this plan in action fast, it’s possible to pass this same law for the whole European Union, then bring protections to animals in the US and Canada and across the world. We can move on this now with just a few cameras and with the help of our journalist and animal rights partners, if each of us just donates a small amount today!

Every time we win a new recognition for the humanity of animals, we come closer to a world where the harmony between humanity and nature is restored. Our campaigning together has already saved massive corridors for elephants and orangutans, seriously cut back whale hunting, and marked the beginning of the end for a brutal dog slaughter. This is our chance to legally end the intolerable suffering of the animals most exploited by humans.

With hope and respect for everyone in this amazing movement,
Emma, Alice, Nataliya, Danny, Luca, and the whole Avaaz team


French parliament votes to install cameras in slaughterhouses (Fox News)

Cameras to be installed in all slaughterhouses in Israel (Jerusalem Online)

Israel Moves to Install Cameras in Slaughterhouses to Prevent Cruelty (Haaretz)