trump: “Energy Independence,” This executive order is Outrageous …by Dan Abrams


Have you heard about the Administration’s latest assault against our environment?
Just a few hours ago, Trump signed an Executive Order that threatens to undermine one of the most important environmental gains of the past decade. This Executive Order is a hand-out to polluters and the oil and gas industries, and was clearly designed to gut the Clean Air Act. This action sends the clearest signal yet on Trump’s priorities: polluter’s profits are more important than Americans’ health.
Will you sign this petition and demand a reversal of this horrible Executive Order?
Trump is calling his order “Energy Independence,” but in reality his order derails America’s fastest-growing energy sectors: solar and wind. Trump cites a thoroughly-debunked report by a dirty industry-funded consulting firm in claiming that the Clean Power Plan harms the American economy, but in fact his own Environmental Protection Agency’s projections show the Clean Power Plan nets $54 billion in health and climate benefits and could save the nation more than $298 billion in utility bills. Click here to tell Trump to disavow the ‘alternative facts’ that shaped this disastrous action.
As a former EPA staffer, I stand by my colleagues – expert scientists and policy makers who believe in the mission of the agency to protect human health and the environment. America once was known for bold initiatives that conquered complex problems – but this Executive Order only cowers to the status quo and props up unhealthy, unsustainable practices with no regard for our children or the future of our planet. Indeed, Trump’s order cedes American leadership on climate.

Trump is favoring dirty-energy interest groups at the expense of the American public. Please, sign this petition to demand better of our elected leaders.

In solidarity,Dan Abrams
Global Director of Earth Day