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how about instead we just get right down to it


This is where the inspiring introductory bit is supposed to go but how about instead we just get right down to it and I tell you all the stuff that happened this month at Working Washington:

  • We spread the word about misleading minimum wage surcharges with a list and map powered by grassroots submissions from across the state. Tens of thousands of peopel have seen and shared our page, and we even got written up in The Stranger!
  • We launched an updated version of our What’s My Wage tool. It gives workers across the state an easy way to find out what minimum wage law covers them — and to let us know if there are any issue.
  • We fought back against against an effort by 380 giant corporations to get a special Congressional exemption from having to follow state and local sick leave and family leave laws.
  • We organized online to help build for this year’s annual May Day march in Seattle, hosted by El Comite & the May 1st Action Coalition in Seattle. We’ll be powering text message action alerts all along the route — text MAYDAY to 38470 to join in!
  • We continued to push for progress on paid family leave in the State Legislature by lifting up stories from members across the state.
  • And we’ve been laying the groundwork for a lot more to come in the weeks & months ahead.

When I look at that list I feel really good about everything we accomplished this month… with one exception.

We haven’t hit our monthly grassroots fundraising goal yet.

We need individual supporters to power our fight for workers rights. Billionaires aren’t going to support workers organizing to take on income inequality, and the government isn’t going to pay for it either.

That means it’s up to you.

Can you make a contribution today and help us keep up the fight for workers rights in the months ahead?


trump is looking for ways to gut monuments &weaken the Antiquities Act ~ Heidi McIntosh, Earthjustice

Night photography of Bears Ears National Monument (Marc Toso)

Dear Friends of the Earth

Grand Staircase-Escalante, Grand Canyon-Parashant, Giant Sequoia, Canyon of the Ancients, Hanford Reach, Ironwood Forest, Santa Rosa-San Jacinto Mountains, Vermillion Cliffs, Carrizo Plain, Sonoran Desert, Upper Missouri River Breaks, Papahānaumokuākea, Marianas Trench, Rose Atoll, Pacific Remote Islands, Rio Grande del Norte, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, San Gabriel Mountains, Berryessa Snow Mountain, Basin and Range, Mojave Trails, Sand to Snow, Northeast Canyons and Seamounts, Bears Ears, Gold Butte.

These national monuments were designated by three presidents between 1996 and 2017. Today, President Trump directed the Department of Interior to review all of them.

He is putting our national monuments on trial so he can put them on the chopping block.

No president in American history has reversed a national monument designation, but Trump is looking for ways to gut monuments and weaken the Antiquities Act, the nation’s century-old public lands law protecting some of our most cherished landscapes and heritage.

America’s national monuments are incredibly popular. They funnel money into our economy and are repositories of precious, irreplaceable cultural heritage. Any attempt by the executive branch to reverse or shrink a monument designation is unlawful under the Antiquities Act. Only Congress has the authority to modify a national monument. Earthjustice is prepared, with the best environmental legal team in the country—and you by our side—to defend and protect our natural treasures.

Thank you for your continued support,

Heidi McIntosh
Managing Attorney

Remind State Attorney Nelson that she works for the people, not the police!

The right to protest is under serious threat in America and the case of the #Jax5 is one of the first tests of whether we are going to protect it. These five Jacksonville protesters have been hit with outrageous charges including inciting a riot for organizing and participating in a peace rally that was attacked by Trump supporters. This follows a wave of legislation being introduced around the country to criminalize protest. We have to draw a line here and now.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson has so far refused to stand up the the police who beat, hospitalized and charged these protesters. Like too many prosecutors, she is willing to do the dirty work of a corrupt police force that criminalizes free speech and criminalizes Black people. But we are turning the heat up on the State Attorney on Monday when we are joining a rally to deliver our petition at her office. So far, over 50,000 Color Of Change members have signed the petition but we want to reach 75,000 to increase the pressure on Nelson. 

Will you add your name to protect protesters in the Trump era?

Read the email Rashad sent a few days ago below for more info.

Tell State Attorney Nelson:

Protect People Not Police!

Stand with JAX 5

Stand with #JAX5



Freedom of speech is becoming even more of a crime under Trump’s reign. This weekend during an anti-Syrian war protest, a Trump supporter antagonized peaceful protesters, storming the speakers’ platform and physically assaulting them to start a fight. Instead of helping, four police officers tackled and brutalized the action organizer Connell Crooms, one of a few Black protesters present, and hit him so hard they knocked out his hearing aid. Bystander video footage shows officers beating him while he flailed helplessly and handcuffed on the ground. One officer punched Connell five times while other officers pinned him down.1

Connell was hospitalized and, along with other protesters, charged with inciting a riot and battery on a police officer. The Trump supporter who started the violent confrontation walked away scot free. Pinning bogus police endangerment charges onto protesters is exactly the outcome Trump desired when he introduced his Blue Lives Matter Executive Order in February.2 Trump and his supporters, like the Fraternal Order of Police, are using scare tactics to stifle peaceful protest. But we will not be silenced!

Demand Duval County State Attorney Melissa Nelson drop all charges against the Jacksonville protesters.

What happened to Connell exposes the long-standing intolerance and deep hostility Jacksonville has for protesters. When watching the footage, if it weren’t for their uniforms, it would be difficult to even tell the police from counter-protesters because the physical attack on Connell matched the verbal attacks being thrown at him by Trump supporters.

Just a few weeks ago, the city’s Sheriff was exposed for using internet software to surveil residents as they exercised their right to protest. Police tracked people using words like “protest” and “Black Lives Matter” on social media. Officers would even go as far as videotaping demonstrations and taking facial pictures of those in attendance. Jacksonville law enforcement appears to have forgotten that peaceful protest is a first amendment right in this country–not a crime. 3

Tell State Attorney Nelson: Protect Florida’s right to protest!

Last election cycle, State Attorney Nelson beat out incumbent Last election cycle, State Attorney Nelson beat out incumbent Angela Corey, who sentenced domestic violence victim Marissa Alexander to 20-60 years in prison for firing a warning shot at her abusive ex in a desperate attempt to protect herself and children.4 Corey sentenced Marissa to 20 years in prison, but her case was overturned and Marissa was eventually forced to take a plea deal in order to gain her freedom. By ousting Corey last November, Floridians made it clear that they are tired of Black people being criminalized instead of protected by police. And Nelson must take heed of this message.

Remind State Attorney Nelson that she works for the people, not the police!


Rashad and the rest of the Color of Change team


U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services

Public Health Emergency. Resilient People. Healthy Communities. A Nation Prepared.

Service, Community Health Fairs, and National Health Security

When students get together, they can accomplish amazing things! Find out how one fraternity connected people who needed care with the care that they needed, helping to create a culture of health and a more resilient community.  Then, consider ways that you can help your community as part of National Volunteer Week!  Learn More >>

Okey and former HHS secretary

Medical Reserve Corps

People across the country are making their communities better through service.  During National Volunteer Week, we would like to thank all of the volunteers that enable the medical reserve corps to improve the health and safety of communities across the country by donating their time and expertise.  Interested in becoming a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer? There are units across the country. Find one near you!  Learn More >>

MRC Volunteer taking a persons blood pressure

Promoting Stress Management for Pregnant Women during the Zika Virus Disease Outbreak

Pregnancy can already be a stressful time for women and their partners.  The emergence of Zika virus can be an additional unsettling consideration for those who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Find out how healthcare providers can help their patients manage stress while providing accurate information on Zika.  Learn More >>

latina healthcare provider

Zika Care Connect

Do you have a baby who has been infected with Zika? Were you or your partner diagnosed with the disease? Did you receive a positive Zika test while you were pregnant? Zika Care Connect (ZCC) helps families affected by Zika find information and specialty healthcare professionals who can provide care.  Learn More >>

Pregnant woman