Jason Rosenbaum, DSCC Director of Online Communications

Going over the numbers at my desk, and here’s the situation— we’re about $14,000 short of our May goal with about 6 hours until the FEC deadline. Below is a screenshot of where we’re at. If everyone kicks in $5 we’ll hit the goal, can you help out?



If we make it, that means we go full throttle after the Republicans who voted to destroy Medicare. And believe me, our plan is to put every single one of them out of work.  But we need the funds to do it.

Can you help us out before midnight?


Jason Rosenbaum
DSCC Director of Online Communications


Cost Estimate for H.R. 1954, A bill to implement the President’​s request to increase the statutory limit on the public debt

The following document has been added to CBO’s Web site:

Protect Medicare … AFSCME e-Action Network

It’s truly scary.

The federal budget that was introduced by
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and passed in the House of Representatives last month
is being voted on in the Senate this week. And in all my years of working
in Washington, DC, I can honestly say that I’ve rarely seen anything this

That’s why I need you to take just a minute and send a message
to your senators right now

Protect MedicareYou’ve probably already heard about the Ryan budget
because of its radical proposal to eliminate Medicare as we know it. But
it’s worse than that. It’s clear that what he’s calling the “Pathway to
Prosperity” should really be named the “Pathway to Poverty,” given what it means
for most Americans. The Ryan pathway is a wrong turn for America. It only brings
more prosperity to insurance companies, Wall Street fat cats, and the wealthiest
companies and individuals in America while dumping the rest of us in a dead end.
It’s outrageous.

And it must be stopped in the
: Please take action against this radical bill right

  • Ryan’s budget includes deep
    cuts to federal programs that fund state and local governments at a time when
    many states are already in crisis, and more and more people need their services.
    It’s nothing short of
    another outright attack on public employees and the services we provide.
  • The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office estimates
    that Medicare beneficiaries’ premiums and other out-of-pocket expenses would double when compared to
    Medicare as it is now – from $6,150 to $12,500.
  • Ryan claims this bill would
    reduce the deficit by $4.3 trillion. What he doesn’t say is that it’s almost
    entirely wiped out by the

    $4.2 trillion in tax cuts to benefit the wealthiest Americans. Indeed, it would reduce the
    tax rate for prosperous corporations and reduce the tax rate paid by the
    wealthiest to its lowest level since 1931.

This budget proposal is so radical
that even some Republicans, like Newt
Gingrich, are distancing themselves from it. And while home during
recess, many of the House Republicans who voted for it (all but 4 did) were
taken to task at town hall meetings by the same people who voted for them last

It’s clear
that the voices of working Americans are being heard and making a difference in
this fight. So please, speak out against this extreme proposal today by sending
a message to your senators. Let them know that you won’t stand by while Medicare, Medicaid,
and even Social Security are dismantled to pay for tax breaks for the rich and
subsidies to oil companies

In solidarity,

Chuck Loveless

a word from …Nancy Pelosi Democratic Leader

Tonight’s FEC deadline is our first big test since our big win in New York’s 26th district.

The media and pundits will use our totals tonight as a signal of our will to hold Republicans accountable nationwide for their extremist stance of ending Medicare — just as we did in NY-26.

As we enter the final hours, we remain just $21,914 shy of our $250,000 grassroots goal. A contribution today can be put to work immediately towards our rapid response efforts this summer including mobilizing volunteers, targeted advertising and yard signs.

Please contribute $3 or more before tonight’s Midnight Deadline so we may continue holding Republicans accountable for voting to end Medicare for seniors while giving tax cuts to Big Oil companies and the ultra rich.

Republicans and their shadowy special interest groups went all in and spent a breathtaking $3.4 million to try to hold a seat in this heavily Republican district. It’s a sign of things to come: This is going to be one of the most costly election cycles ever. We know we have the right ideas on our side, but this special election proved that we also must have the resources we need to hold Republicans accountable and push back against their misleading right-wing attacks.

With the world watching, now is our opportunity to show that Americans are united against the GOP plan to end Medicare and grassroots Democrats are as strong as ever. But we must raise $21,914 more by Midnight Tonight.

Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Leader

Washington State DSHS cuts kids Medicaid …

WA Supreme Court orders DSHS to reverse cuts to medicaid kids

The cuts targeted a program that helped vulnerable children. Benefits to as many as 3,000 kids could be affected.


SEATTLE — The Washington State Supreme Court has ordered a reversal of some of the deep budget cuts made by the Department of Social and Health Services. The cuts targeted a program that helped vulnerable children. Benefits to as many as 3,000 kids could be affected.

One of them is Samantha Kadlec of Kenmore. Medicaid paid for an in-home personal care expert to help Samantha with things like bathing, grooming and reading. Her mother was devastated when DSHS cut Samantha’s services in half.

“It was a pretty rough time,” Andrea Kadlec said. “You needed more support and they were proposing you get a lot less. I felt pretty sick.”

This week, the court ruled that DSHS made broad assumptions based on children’s age and living conditions instead of examining the need in each individual case.

The court also affirmed lower a court finding that DSHS made similar unfair cuts to about 1,000 seniors who also received in-home care.

Samantha’s mother realizes the state is in dire financial trouble. She says without in-home assistance, taxpayers could face an even bigger bill for full time care.

“So the crux of this case is so that kids like Sam can live in the community and don’t have to be institutionalized,” Andrea said.

How will DSHS restore the funding when its budget has been cut so deeply? DSHS Secretary Susan Dreyfus said she won’t know the next step until her agency has had a chance to review the court ruling.