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HEALTH CARE — SCHWARZENEGGER BECOMES THE FIRST REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR TO SUPPORT HEALTH CARE REFORM: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), who had previously described national health care reform as “health care to nowhere” infected with “bribes, deals and loopholes,” announced Thursday that California will fully comply with the new law. In a news conference at the University of California at Davis Medical Center, Schwarzenegger broke with the host of Republican governors and attorneys general attempting to sue the federal government over the law, saying, “California is not part of this fight, and I’ll tell you why. When you don’t have health insurance and you go to the hospital, you are forcing other people to pay for your healthcare.” While saying the plan is “not without flaws,” the governor nonetheless called it “a good law,” adding that “it is the time for California to move ahead with it, thoughtfully and responsibly.” Schwarzenegger’s endorsement makes him the first Republican governor to publicly support health reform, delivering a major victory for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who been trying to make clear how the law is beneficial to the states. In fact, Schwarzenegger attempted a similar reform of California’s health care system in 2007. His plan would have required Californians — even undocumented immigrants — to purchase health insurance coverage, mandated businesses with 10 or more employees to offer insurance or pay a fee, and expanded public health programs. Schwarzenegger’s proposal would also have prohibited insurers from denying coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions and required companies to spend at least 85 percent of their premium proceeds on patient care.

Stand Up for Reform … May Day event

Reform  Immigration FOR America


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Tomorrow, tens of thousands of us are attending hundreds of events across America to celebrate the strength of our movement and march for progress on immigration reform. I just shot this video explaining why the marches and rallies happening tomorrow are so vital to this fight.

Watch the video.

If we don’t make our elected leaders act now, we’re going to see more raids, more discrimination, and more hatred – just look at what’s going on in Arizona for a chilling example of what could happen across America if we don’t act now. Tomorrow we’re going to show Congress that we won’t wait any longer for them to move on immigration reform.

Thank you,
Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

Congress … well The Senate is in session Today

The next meeting in the House is scheduled for 10:00 on May 3, 2010


The Senate Convenes: 9:30am and adjourned at 12:54pm ET

Resume S.3217, Wall Street Reform on May 3, 2010

The Senate spoke on (S3217) Restoring American Financial Stability Act 2010, Senator Webb offered an amendment A#3736 the occasion of  35th annv. the end of Vietnam War, the START Treaty  and no votes were taken

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While the sun comes up and the light of day starts to show just how bad this oil spill disaster is and  finally uncover what exactly happened. Hopefully, reality will sink in on how just one error that could have been prevented by simply making BP or companies like them put expensive  but high-tech emergency equipment in place to cap the well, avert or absorb spills before they start. The negative outcome and proof that the  rules and deregulation of financial and oil companies by the house of Bush … is evident.  Now, we see what happens when a big corporation tries to save money but does so much damage and in this case a big impact not only the environment but foul, fish industry and the entire economy on the gulf coast for decades.  It is great to have a President that is willing to change direction on issues when the facts and or evidence show that delays and or cancellation of offshore drilling is clear.  What happened should not be blamed on President Obama, this is clearly a human error and in this case BP;  they know it and need to take responsibility for the entire clean-up.

I have to say the first reports of the explosion and then word that everything was okay made me wonder …common sense tells you okay the well is underground; it could bleed out, up or both, which is what happened.  The big question is why didn’t they act before the oil started to leak.  This spill, is for me a warning to either change the way the clean-up process works or scrap any plans for further oil platforms or at least  get an emergency plan in place because it seems this error by BP happened because they had no plan B, C  maybe none at all… I’m no expert but equipment should have been available immediately that absorb oil… bumpers placed along the coast and shores before the leak actually spread … i saw nothing but boats watching , waiting for the leak to show … unacceptable

In other unacceptable news …  the Arizona law that will carry out legal racial profiling or  SB1070 and the fact that in 90days and or after the Arizona legislature finishes it’s business may become law as well as the stupid birther law.  Republicans have managed to alienate a whole lot of people and hopefully I’m not the only one who feels the up coming elections will show that … if not, it’s definitely something to work on.

The bright spot on immigration reform are the comments from Nancy Pelosi about leadership and appetite in response to The President; meaning she is willing and has the appetite to deal with immigration reform in 2010; as well as the move by Senator Harry Reid, who put together an immigration proposal that will include a National ID ?, a pathway to citizenship and beefed up Border Patrol … this is a beginning stayed tuned because some of it needs adjustments if you ask me.

last …

The continued effort by all these mistresses who, i guess truly believe they have not stolen someone’s husband or that they are not home wreckers is just beyond me.  Is it time to get legal on these women? and how nutty  were Miss Hunter’s comments; this O interview just shows in my opinion how delusional the “other woman is” … or what. When will they understand this is not your man; he is legally married to someone no matter how unhappy you think he is or how often he says it and just because you have a baby by the married man does not change a thing…you have no legal rights to him  –the other women, predator or ho and should have said NO because he is married –simple

Other News …

The President has started interviewing Supreme Court candidates, having spoken to Sydney Thomas yesterday

**Leno is hosting the White House Correspondent Dinner Saturday night on MSNBC 9pm ET raising money for potential journalists

**Honda Motor Co. is recalling about 167,000 Acura TSX cars to fix power steering hoses that could deteriorate and cause a fire under the hood.AP

**The U.S. economy grew at 3.2 percent annual rate in the first quarter of this year, marking three straight quarters of growth. “Consumer spending growth has remained solid thanks to more hiring and better financial conditions,” said Aaron Smith, a senior economist at Moody’s TP

**The company Massey& owner of the mine where 29miners died has offered a settlement of 3million each to families; reports are that Massey is only offering money to those without counsel

**Senator Patty Murray& SenatorDorgan have started a move to get the fast track back on track in a meeting that occurred on Thursday money was the main problem but talks have begun …

**Gov Jan Brewer is calling immigrants terrorists and their coming into Arizona a terrorist attack ? omg

**Hawaii has voted to  same sex unions

**Seattle, A ruling on R71 may happen in June 2010

**The $8000 dollar credit for first time Home buyers ends today at midnight/Buyers must close by June 30 2010 –some offices are open until 10pm tonight

**Insurer Anthem has announced that they will withdraw the 39% rate hike

**Reports of another jobs bill coming up for consideration in Congress possibly in 3months

**The State of Washington will start the new 10 unpaid furlough days work during the year and the cigarette tax pack starts as well


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creating middle class Jobs, state of the U.S. Labor Market.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers join a discussion examining the national long-term trends in employment, earnings and job opportunities. The conference, hosted by The Hamilton Project and the Center for American Progress, also includes morning panels with academics and policymakers who explain how the competitive global economy is linked to the challenge of creating high-paying U.S. jobs.

Navy Secretary Outlines Plan to Allow Women on Submarines.  One day after the ban prohibiting women from serving aboard submarines expired without formal objection from Congress, Navy Secretary Ray Mabus is expected to outline the shift in remarks to the National Press Club today. He is also expected to discuss other future obstacles facing the Navy. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced the intended submarine policy reversal in a letter to Congressional leaders in February.

watch LIVE from the NPC: at 1pm ET
visit Reuters: Women to start serving on submarines

Debate Continues on Financial Regulation Overhaul Measure.  After three days of blocked attempts to debate Sen. Chris Dodd’s (D-CT) financial reform bill, Senate Republicans agreed to allow the bill to move ahead for a formal debate yesterday. Today, members will continue with general speeches and are set to submit their amendments on the bill, which will likely be voted on next week.