Bo’s first snow …

This is Bo’s first snow … not that there was any real news going on or anything … he is cute though … from the huffington post


Republicans against …

Projects and or parts of HCR and the Spending Package

Cash for Clunkers
Money for our Troops
Unemployment Insurance
Affordable health care …                                                                                                            Up coming energy assistance upgrade rebates

Americans without health insurance

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CNN + YT hold Climate Change Summit and debate…

It’s 11PM PST and after hearing the Whip adjourn the Senate debate i changed the channel to cable 44…

Cnn/yt debate just starting… The moderator; Becky Anderson… the show was held in Copenhagen, Denmark; the  guests included … Darryl Hannah, Thomas Friedman, Bjorn Lomborg, Yvo de Boer and Kofi Annan answer questions and debate the facts about Climate Change… about 120 world leaders are in Copenhagen, Denmark debating, negotiating agreements on Climate Change.

First, Global Warming is real

Darryl Hannah/Actress… believes the world needs a new energy economy, wants to make any agreements on Climate Change legally binding, giving out sanctions if violated, she also feels that special interest groups, indigenous peoples and the disenfranchised have been ignored by leaders, she is also very worried about an initiative called Red that has policies that may be hard for indigenous peoples to understand, may inadvertently invade their environment, questions where the money is coming from and how it will be allocated.

Thomas Friedman/NYT reporter,writer…feels America needs to take the lead in global warming technology and enforce policies,it’s not complicated…climate change is real, the implications to doing nothing is complicated, waiting too long, what happens afterward that  too is complicated, he does not see how countries can be held legally accountable, feels competition may help get other countries to participate and drive the costs down and give incentives as well. He strongly feels research and dev must happen now and the US should be the leaders in res, dev and selling new energy products for the poorest countries to use, change happens when we offer incentives.

Kofi Annan/U.N Secretary General … Africans are not the only experts, we all are in the same boat, countries need to be more responsible for their output, some African nations are doing their part but they have a long way to go, they need ways to transfer to Green technology, need people to train them, promises were made a long time ago and were broken, we need to keep the fight and improve our world.

Bjorn Lomborg/Copenhagen Center for Climate Change … For the last 18years the promises made to the world have failed, world leaders promised to make changes yet they ignore the obvious, making changes is too expensive so they ignore it, if nothing is done, our environment has how long? We must invest in research and development, this can be done, it’s not so expensive, we probably do need a carbon tax but it’s not realistic. We need to help the poorest  get green technology… for food, water; consumer will be expected to pay.

Yvo de Boer/framework on Climate Change … Feels we are in deep trouble if we do nothing, we need to act on it now, change the lifestyle of our people, change how we make products, the government needs to come up with a viable solution, while he does not believe in a Carbon Tax, he pays one, he feels competition among business owners will help + incentives and the poor need to be trained to grow sustainable ways to live.

Viewer comments and questions…

How do we police climate change violations?

Climate Change affects poor countries, Bangladesh being one, when will rich nations start to make the move toward helping the poorer ones.

What are the negatives to fixing Climate Change? greed, and will that keep us from solving the worlds’ global warming issue? should we worry about where the money will come from and will that be worst than doing nothing at all.

Why should consumers be responsible for the Carbon Tax, why can’t businesses pay if they violate the policies, most don’t want to pay 6 or 7dollars carbon tax. These attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles have to change,people need to participate.

last, a young man around 10years old asked what does the panel plan to leave his generation? he lives in Malaysia.

C-SPAN after dark … go figure


Wednesday night Senator Reid asked to bring a close to HR3590, the Patient Protection Amendment debate, he then offered a motion to withdraw, the vote ayes59  38nays with 3Senators not voting… Byrd, Enzi and Chambliss, the vote would allow the Defense Spending Package HR3326 and HCR debates to resume at midnight after a recess.

After the midnight recess, the Senate voted …  Cloture vote; 63 ayes  33 nays was invoked and agreed to …  limiting the debate on the Defense Spending Package HR3326, debates could last up to 30hours. Democrats all voted yes,  3 Republican Senators voted with the Democrats… Collins, Hutchinson and Snowe.  The final vote could be taken on Saturday morning.

they adjourned until Friday morning …