Tell Republicans to STOP Waging War on Women

Planned Parenthood volunteers help bring the f...

Just another rant …

  In an interview, Rep. Bette Grande, ever so casually stated, “Banning abortion will help Women realize they don’t want one after all. “ My first reaction was could she be any more misinformed or maybe disrespectful; most people want the freedom to make their own decisions. Second; Obvisously, this is definitely not the conservative party our parents battled debated or “compromised” with when needed.  However, as SpeakerBoehner once said in an interview, “I reject the word.”  This latest Republican comment was not a gaffe but a clear indication that the mission to kill safe health care choices as well as the Affordable health care Act, which btw is already helping millions of middle and lower class families shows just how out of touch Republicans on all levels are.

In addition Boehner stated,” now we are going to have a fight over women’s health”,  “Give me a break. This is the latest plank in the so-called war on women entirely created by my colleagues across the aisle for political gain.”  Well, contrary to what we heard from Speaker Boehner back then,  there is a conservative movement waging War on Women with a mission to take away the rights of women to decide what health care we want need or can access.

 The time is now … this is a call to Stand up and Fight back against republicans who intend to destroy and dismantle the Affordable health care Act while rolling back the contraceptive clock for a complete ban on abortion and possibly repealing Roe V Wade.

We are all Freedom Fighters on some level every day.

  For more than 90 years, Planned Parenthood has worked to improve women’s health and safety. They have made it possible for nearly 170,000 women to obtain low-cost clinical breast exams while providing more health services than any organization in the country such as mammogram referrals, all supported by grants. The attacks by Republicans on women, our health care and insurance rights have been growing and now include Republican Governors. It is important to remember that quite a few Republicans supported Planned Parenthood only a few years ago.

 Now, since President Barack Obama took office Republicans are set on and desperate to win at any cost.

The party of No has taken an extreme right on a path that should scare the middle class. What we continue to see day in and out is the far right engaging in flip-flopping politics on domestic affairs, immigrants, financial issues,  a willingness to abandoned women and the poor . The fact is over 65% say they do not want anyone defunding Planned Parenthood but the message has been ignored.

 Women’s health care should NOT be used as a political football.

 Women and Men who support protecting the right to choose need to ask Republicans to put Women and access to safe affordable health care ahead of politically driven, conservative religious, anti-abortion groups to aid or fund tax breaks for the wealthy.

Leave speaker ryan and leader mcconnell a message

… And thanks for taking action

Seniors forced to ration their care? AARP

AARP Advocacy Alert
If Congress doesn’t act, many seniors may not get the treatment they need.concerned senior in hospital

Make sure seniors get the care they deserve. Tell Congress to take action today!

A stroke is a shattering experience. It can take survivors years to re-learn how to speak; how to walk; how to live with the independence and dignity they deserve.

Unfortunately, because of Congress’s inaction, since January 1, seniors and people with disabilities have to pay completely out-of-pocket for rehabilitation after only a few weeks of treatment for a stroke, fall, or another life-altering event. Congress is forcing them to ration their care. It’s unfair, and it’s wrong.

Congress can protect these vulnerable Americans, and we have to make sure they do so without delay. Tell your members of Congress to fix this harmful policy, so seniors can get the rehabilitation services they need!

Because Congress failed to pass a fix for this broken policy last year, a typical senior needing physical, occupational, or speech therapy after a stroke or fall could now need to pay fully out of pocket after only a few weeks of services.

For seniors who are already struggling with high health care costs, the consequences could be dire. Many will even face bankruptcy.

Seniors have worked hard and paid into Medicare their whole lives. Congress needs to immediately fix this harmful policy so seniors can get the rehabilitation services they need to stay independent.

Make sure Congress doesn’t leave vulnerable seniors out in the cold: Tell your members of Congress to take action today!

Thanks for speaking out on this important issue, C.


Fred Griesbach
AARP Campaigns

“#FossilFree Fast: The Climate Resistance” 1/31

Will you pledge to act for a Fossil Free world, and call on communities, governments and institutions – local and international – to stand with us? Together we must:

  1. Ban all new coal, oil and gas projects and begin phasing out those that are already built.
  2. Divest from and defund fossil fuel projects. Not a penny more should go to fossil fuels.
  3. Commit to a rapid, just transition towards 100% renewable energy for all.

The age of fossil fuels is over. We are ready to create the change.

January 31, 2018

DACA: Dreams for Nearly A Million DREAMers -Ended ~ Donna De La Cruz, Reform Immigration FOR America

This is cruel, even for Donald Trump: he  ended DACA, a program that has allowed nearly 800,000 DREAMERs to work and live their lives without fear of deportation. Now these young people who have called the United States home are at risk for deportation, and our communities are at risk of being torn apart. We’re mobilizing, because DREAMers are our neighbors, friends, and community leaders, and America is better than this decision. We need your help!

Can you call Speaker Paul Ryan’s office at 866-575-9410 and tell him to keep DREAMers from being deported by passing a DREAM Act that provides a permanent solution for immigrant youth without adding money to Trump’s deportation force?

Immigrants make America great, and DREAMers — young immigrants who have called America home for most of their lives — matter. Passing the DREAM Act, a permanent solution for DREAMers, is the right thing to do, and Speaker Ryan knows it. Yet he has caved again and again to Trump’s demands, standing aside to allow more deportations and increase the funding for immigration enforcement instead of doing his job and passing bills that will fix our broken immigration system, bills like the DREAM Act. But this time, he can’t stand by. We won’t let him.

It’s time to tell Speaker Ryan that inaction is unacceptable. Will you call his office and tell him to step up for DREAMers and immediately pass a DREAM Act without adding money for Trump’s deportation agenda?

Making a call only takes two minutes. Call 866-575-9410 and say:

“Hi. I’m [your name] from [where you live], and I’m calling on Speaker Ryan to protect immigrant youth and pass DREAM Act legislation that provides a permanent solution for DREAMers without adding money to Trump’s deportation force.”

A call is the first step to supporting the people affected by DACA’s elimination. We’ll be in touch soon with more ways you can help.

Thanks for all you do,

Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America

Meet Republican Tom Cotton … a repost &reminder

Yes, this man was given a seat in Congress … the man and his Republican crew in Congress seem more dangerous to our very democracy now …

U.S. Rep. Tom Cotton, you may remember, was a co-sponsor of the “Life at Conception Act,” a so-called personhood measure which would give full constitutional rights to each “preborn human person” at the “moment of fertilization. In addition to being a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade, the bill (likely unconstitutional) could ban certain forms of birth control such as IUDs or the morning-after pill. (It could also potentially force women into dangerous pregnancies and to deliver babies that can’t survive outside the womb, or force families in situations like this to keep a braindead woman on life support). Click the graphic for the complete article  COTTON: Co-sponsored bill that could ban certain forms of birth control.

I know no candidate is perfect but if they are running to represent you as a Public Servant there are certain mandatory things they should all live up to … like the oath they take, which is seemingly being tossed aside by Republicans

I am sure there must be more information about where Tom Cotton stands on the issues …. do your research

I have to say that having spent a few minutes looking for actual comments from Mr.Cotton about the issues facing our 21st Century lives is not readily available. I went to plenty of sites, but one that claims they are a factcheck site seemed somewhat biased against mark pryor though they did divulge that Rep tom cotton did have an association or worked with the insurance industry at one time stating, “Cotton’s insurance experience is limited to consulting work for a federal agency.” This seems significant to me, but I am no expert.  The article does not think his consulting work is important, but seems to use the potato paatato meme quite often in their fact checking when his constituents deserve to know what part he played as an insurance consultant. I have a problem with the bottom line! That Rep.Tom Cotton seems to back stripping seniors of Medicare, assuming women have no common sense, backing  any budget coming from Rep.Paul Ryan – Those are just a few of many issues that seems buried in a lot of the surface articles concerning Mr. Cotton. So, it would be in the best interest of the People in Arkansas to ask questions of Tom Cotton … Where do you stand in this 21st Century life? Climate Change, Reproductive Rights, Immigration, ACA and tell your constituents why the GOP has no viable replacement bills plans to replace anything they may want to repeal ? I think the lack of plans offered up proves just how unqualified the 113th Republican members of Congress are

So, there is more information …. of course and for the complete article ~ search for the2013 headline in

Tom Cotton In 1997: Women’s ‘Greatest Fear’ Is Men Leaving Them

Posted: 08/09/2013 1:48 pm EDT  |  Updated: 08/13/2013

among other things …below

Cotton, a freshman congressman who is running for Senate in 2014, warned feminists in a 1997 article for the Harvard Crimson that no-fault divorce will backfire on them by enabling their husbands to leave them for trophy wives.

“Feminists say no fault divorce was a large hurdle on the path to female liberation,” Cotton wrote. “They apparently don’t consult the deepest hopes or greatest fears of young women.”