The O effect …

We may only have until 2011, but i feel something new, something different coming from Ms O after her show goes off the air waves.  In the weeks to come we will hear, like Ms O. stated a lot of  conjecture about why she decided to discontinue the Oprah Show.

I for one have watched her show religiously, found myself cracking up, felt sadness at the plight of children,women,men and families featured on the show, anxious when the topic was not quite PC and have been less than happy to hear the criticism that she feels she is god, preaches too much … so on and so forth.  I can’t say that i took any of the info and ran with it, it was good info and took what i thought might help me, never for one moment thought she was a god or goddess. she, is a person who has lived life, started out young knowing exactly what she wanted and did it… simple as that. She has worked, honed and crafted the gift of gab, she is a great interviewer, has a great staff; people feel comfortable around her, she is a well spoken orator most people truly are envious of. I am among those that got fired up when she helped so many accomplish their dreams of starting their own business, won’t forget the day she gave all those cars away or the trip she and gayle took…too funny

Ms O has exposed the viewer to things, issues, topics and people who quite possibly would have been left out of our lives and because of Ms O and her staff, a lot of us feel blessed we have followed this woman for all these years, undeniably she changed the way people see the written word, the spoken word not to mention when the word is sung… she has opened up the lives of so many, made a difference to women and while doing so has changed the lives of viewers all over the world.  Ms O  will never be forgotten…  i say… she still has some work do to.


Senate HCR…Watch the process for yourself…Saturday 11/20

Sen. Majority Ldr announces health care debate and vote

Sen. Majority Ldr announces health care debate and vote


Sen. Majority Ldr. Harry Reid (D-NV) announced that on Friday and Saturday the Senate will debate health care reform. At 8pm on Saturday there will be a cloture vote on the motion to proceed to the bill. Sixty votes are needed to invoke cloture. If cloture passes, debate on the bill and amendments will take place after the holiday recess.

Green Inc.

First posted 11/15/2009
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Dow Chemical has unveiled a new solar shingle that can be nailed to a roof like its asphalt predecessor — but which generates electricity. Test marketing is to begin in 2010.Dow designed the shingles, which will initially be manufactured at the company’s Midland, Mich., facility. Global Solar of Tucson, Ariz., is supplying the thin-film solar cells.
A Santa Monica, Calif., company called SolarReserve has taken a step toward making that a reality, filing an application with California regulators to build a 150-megawatt solar farm that will store seven hours’ worth of the sun’s energy in the form of molten salt.
 The Rice Solar Energy Project, to be built in the Sonoran Desert east of Palm Springs, will “generate steady and uninterrupted power during hours of peak electricity demand,” according to SolarReserve’s license application.

Lou Dobbs … leaves CNN

Lou Dobbs to Depart CNN
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Lou Dobbs at the anchor desk at CNN’s New York studio in 2006. Robert Caplin for The New York Times Lou Dobbs at the anchor desk at CNN’s New York studio in 2006.

Lou Dobbs, the longtime CNN anchor whose anti-immigration views made him a TV lightning rod, plans to announce Wednesday that he is leaving the network, two network employees said.