Cancel Haiti’s $1 Billion Debt …

Although the media’s attention on Haiti is starting to wane, the country is still amidst crisis.

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Call on Treasury Secretary Geithner to help cancel Haiti’s $1 billion debt.

The incredible outpouring of concern, aid and assistance coming from all over the world continues to offer hope, but for many of us the question lingers: “What else can I do?”

One important way to help Haitians build a better tomorrow is to convince global creditors to cancel Haiti’s crushing $1 billion international debt. Doing so will help make sure that every possible future dollar goes towards rebuilding a stronger Haiti, not to servicing old debts.

Thankfully, the United States has already forgiven Haiti’s past debts and now only gives assistance in the form of grants. We need Haiti’s other creditors – the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, and countries like Taiwan and Venezuela – to follow our lead and do the same.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has the power to help make that happen.

Please tell Secretary Geithner to work to secure the cancellation of Haiti’s $1 billion debt and ensure emergency assistance is provided in the forms of grants, not debt-incurring loans. Even before the earthquake hit, Haiti – the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – faced tremendous challenges. But there was also hope. Recent years have brought a more stable government and tenuous gains in the fight against poverty.

Haiti needs an international effort to make sure that, as it begins the long road to recovery, it is not burdened with un-payable debts. We must also be vigilant that any new aid from the IMF and other sources doesn’t come in the form of loans that would create new debt for Haiti.

It all starts by calling on Secretary Geithner to use his influence to persuade international lending institutions and countries to do the right thing and drop Haiti’s debt.

Take action now.

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– The Team in partnership with ONE


Cats away … so-called insiders diss our President

REPost from 7/2009

Some things just don’t change…

why do people in the Obama administration seem to wait until he is out of DC to  talk, rant and rave about what is going on? or lack of it … i support what Obama wants to achieve … Republicans are being childish, not planning on helping Americans out, the decision to be the party of no hopefully will backfire.

We the People voted for Obama… the people want change … healthcare, energy and better education

but some democrats in office don’t seem to want to act in our best interest … the Public is not stupid … it will take a long time for change … it took  how long for this crisis to blow up? people need to be reminded … Obama has been in office for 7months…1yr now… anyone with common sense, i guess 1yr later and common sense among the people is over, i thought people would know it will take longer than 7months to see a difference … even now a yr later

fear mongering  is creeping up again and this time it’s on both sides of the isle …  teachers and fire fighters are loosing their jobs … some states are cutting social services .. my state is… any state using this money to balance their budget is why the numbers are not good …

the stimulus package is being held up,now passed, the question is why?and the answer to why the stim was held up? Republicans have decided to kill any bill, thus killing the Obama Presidency.  heard only 7/10% of it has been processed … and most of it going to rural America? i don’t believe that is totally true but what is def true; Officials used that money to plug budget holes

id say that last 90% should be jobs jobs jobs, the grid and the train … or just jobs jobs jobs … 10% is not very good … someone needs to tell me what’s up

It appears like some stuff is going on behind the scenes … who is sitting on the stimulus money if at all … if not tell us the truth …  someone needs to get this stuff straight …

Tell Chevron to Clean Up Its Toxic Mess in Ecuador

Demand that Chevron to take responsibility for dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater.
Over the course of twenty-six years of oil drilling in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest, U.S. oil giant Chevron deliberately dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater into the rainforest, leaving local people suffering a wave of cancers, miscarriages and birth defects.

The tragedy in Ecuador is so profound, it has been compared to the Exxon Valdez spill and called the “Amazon’s Chernobyl.”

In spite of the tremendous suffering caused by this toxic pollution, Chevron has refused to clean up the catastrophe.

Demand that Chevron take responsibility for its actions now >

Within the next year, the outcome of a court case sixteen years in the making will be determined by a court in Ecuador.

Chevron has pledged that even if it is found guilty in court the company simply won’t pay to clean up the site or provide health care, potable water and compensation to affected communities.

Chevron needs to take responsibility. But the company won’t unless it feels pressure from its American customers and the general public.

Send a letter to CEO John Watson and tell him he needs to clean up the toxic legacy in Ecuador >

And tell Watson that Chevron must shift to clean sources energy and adopt sound human rights policies so that what is happening to the people of Ecuador and the rainforest never happens anywhere else.

Thank you for lending your voice,

– The Team in partnership
with Rainforest Action Network

Personal thoughts 1yr later …

Today …

we have two wars, people in the private and or public sector are not hiring, or limiting the work available, Democrats are the majority, yet they don’t act like it. We have far too many public servants with personal agendas, a new party,called Tea Party or Teabaggers, who, i have had experience talking with, were only a small group, seemed to have put a guy in Congress who states he is a liberal in public but …his website clearly points out his alignment with ultra-conservatives.

An earthquake rocked Haiti and human beings all over the world have come to help, big banks have apologized in public and gave big..big huge bonus money to their people, have been flexing muscles and refusing to lend money to the everyday people that hire folks, insurance companies are inserting millions to fight HCR for all, credit card companies are bashing people with fees, our Supreme Court has caused a problem for our Democracy, reports of at least 12terrorist  attacks have been waged on the US, republicans have held up the Presidents TSA nominee for at least 8months. recently, we came close to having a plane bombed, yet republicans stated days afterward that the nominee has issues, did things that cannot be ignored? twenty years ago, he did something, said he was sorry, DeMint and the rest of the republicans are obstructionist,  democrats have to rise up against this behavior.

i still support the President:  yet, i have some doubt he gets it, actually im willing to say his handlers have been keeping him in the background, letting Pelosi/Reid do somethings, yet those of us on the ground heard the talk, though he says he gets it? does he? the mood around the country is bad, people want bold action, progressives, libs, democrats voted him in because he seemed to want to do some things, your base will be there if you have the courage to move boldly as you campaigned, translate those words into reality, move forward on the rest of the campaign promises that are bold, drastic, transparent and with verve.

Again, it’s definitely time for a change … when will our President get it Repubs want you to fail and have no intention of being bipartisan…

Seven Months ago …

someone decided to throw a verbal teabag at me so i responded …

the teabag crowd was of varying ideals,some good,bad and then the ugly,which is what stood out to me,i am a Obama supporter and have faith that he will get us out of the ditch the house of bush left,it takes dollars,it will go back to the same capitalistic label when it all gets fixed, what i want to know is where were y’ll when the house of Bush sent over 10mil a month off the financial books,our ruined econ happened under the Bush admin, yet everyone out at this march charge Obama? this is a strange response to me and something more is going on,how do they expect to get us out the hole the house of Bush put us in,that wall street,aig and the housing creeps all participating in? i respect freedom of speech but what i saw was fear mongering and hate.  I heard the ppl who were in charge state they want to go back to how things were 100 years ago? that should scare ppl because minorities and women were treated very poorly… ask AL Gerhart what he meant by that?

Four Months ago …

someone said the sky was falling that Marxism was coming to America and we will loose our freedom  …

i find it amusing to see how easy folks seem to throw out labels to describe President Obama’s actions in a time when the jig is up so to speak …
with Wall Street’s creative accounting procedures finally coming to an ugly head … the show.. House of cards by David Faber on CNBC was a cruel reminder and awaking at how greed affects the mind … a truthful documentation of the nasty journey our economy took … by who, for who and how it brought us all down …
and —    if we have to subscribe to labels … call me a Marxist who believes in Socialism at this time ….. We need someone who cares, who is socially responsible and who believes the gap between the haves and have none needs to shrink … school me …what can be wrong with caring for all the people of the US … not just the 2% … especially since that one percent has been wheeling and dealing starting from the house of bush and trickled down to main street … gotta admit it’s time for a change.