MJ … will he get justice?

EDIT: 8/3/09

This judge was on Point for custody !!!

Katherine should be allowed to have a seat at the table … a say in how the executors invest and or payout of any  money and or possessions of Michael Jackson …  she is trying to protect her son’s legacy… it is the  Jackson trust …

.. Katherine deserved to get permanent guardianship… oh yeah

still don’t understand spousal arrangements and dr klein and his request just boggles my mind … absurd!!!! what motive and intent did dr arnie klein really have? and did debbie rowe know about what he planned to do in court?   what a joke !!!



with the endless  amount of talk about who is responsible for the death of MJ … and in some instances those with or without actual legal background stating MJ was responsible for his own demise and essentially the only guilty one… has me worried as to the legal outcome.

this is not a normal drug addiction case … there are stories of a man who was detoxing and eating great … a trainer saying they were working out and that he looked good … something just is not right …

i am and have been worried that his history will get in the way … people like jeffery toobin who have been very honest in their comments of Michael Jackson being the only guilty one,  i disagree with this man,  looked at his site and found an interesting blurb on his book about OJ, which, has come up a lot when he and others speak out on the Jackson case … seems his past experiences have been an overwhelming influence on his view of MJ and who exactly should be charged … just my opinion … i do understand having 2sides on tv panels but his struck me as much more than simple rationalization of the facts …

from the start i felt uncomfortable with how MJ’s death was handled by the lapd … why his condo wasn’t shut down, where is the security tape, why they gave any doctor time to get rid of stuff,  how it has been stated by commentators that LA didn’t like MJ,  how the acting mayor asked for donations, it took a long time to admit and deal with those that mis-handled MJ’s death certificate and any other docs regarding him… were they fired?  the councilman and police seemed irritated that MJ had the nerve to die in their city let alone have the memorial near or on a Holiday… unbelievable

tmz may be a gossip vehicle but when they brought us the news that 2women were seen getting boxes out of dr conrad’s storage 3hours before … please connect the dots … how many dermatologists use that much Demerol and for what procedures? how many dermatology nurses dispense Demorol every 3-4hrs a day and for what?  how many dermatologists do facial reconstruction? or filler? isn’t that the job of a plastic surgeon… and the patient goes under anesthesia?

the raids, which did not seem timed right, where is the security tape,  all the doctors have equal guilt in this … Doctors take an oath to behave ethically, all of these doctors have betrayed and violated this Oath and should be held accountable…

if  Diprivan can be washed out of the system … what is left to use as evidence?    will the lapd say they searched, seized and found the deceased to blame.


Does the MEDIA have influence?(media owners, investors,employers)on Healthcare REFORM?

First of all … People… there is no Health-care Plan yet … this upsets me to think people … educated people think  or are promoting such a thing, there is none right now …

there are 2 bills being debated, which will then go to the President and continue to be debated...

is it just me or is the Media using their stats to try and sway folks watching and wondering and feeling that the Media actually is giving an unbiased view on the Obama Administration and their efforts or lack of it… is decided by POLLs?

listening to Cable say based on their  Polls numbers  … Obama is losing his sway based on the polls , the numbers say at this moment Obama is this or that …how concerned are you Senator,  that is BS … the answer is not in the POLLs people … this is irresponsible…

responsible people,  anyone who has common sense  will STOP … consider what is the Media intent … What is in it for the MEDIA … People

how much time has been given to the negative… what stations took money for those offensive ads that clearly are riddled with mis-information… there should be advertisements out there but they should be fact based!!!!

demand information from your Representatives…  if these Polls make you believe what the various news stations are feeding the Public and they are inaccurate? then let the people we voted into office know these commericials are unacceptable,  clearly we all  need to go that extra mile and let the Obama Administration know how we are feeling as voters … ask questions … don’t assume that tv is your main source of the truth.

jus sayin

Health-care REFORM…what is real-what is not? the Obama crew needs to step-up & out to 50 States-get the truth out there

The MEDIA needs to stop catering to the scare tactics by the Right and Insurers … stop showing commercials that are not fact based.

the President’s people need to get out there, start doing town-halls because people are listening and reading the mis-information … as the truth.

There are fifty (50) states and someone needs to dispatch folks to get the right word out there … these advertisements are getting through to people… and while the President is definitely a cool person … the people working for him need to step it up …

keeping quiet is not going to work … people are getting riled up

Jackson custody … questions

glad katherine was given custody … hopefully she has a backup plan just in case

doesn’t debbie rowe still have control of this due to California laws? so what good is this?  can she challenge  custody anytime she wants  because of the laws in Cali? and visitation …  will they be monitored and should those kids know that she took money and still might be taking money to allow katherine to have custody? i heard a rumor that she expects to get only the money she and MJ agreed on? is that spousal support? and  how does spousal support work when one spouse dies … doesn’t death invalidate the whole thing?  is there a document that states MJ would give her spousal support even after his death? even if she isn’t taking care of the kids… MJ left her out of the will completely…                     soooo what changed?

seems if you break it down debbie rowe still has control  … she can’t legally waive custody rights of these kids because Cali has a law… not a good one because blood is not always a right to having custody of  children … people are always having kids who maybe shouldn’t.

at the end of the day … and it’s not but  hopefully more info will bring into light what has transpired … i want to know the bottom line and that is what financial agreement was made for debbie rowe , what happens when katherine passes and which of the Jacksons will step up afterward because those kids have been cared for by the whole Jackson family … and should stay with them only.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speculation experts… media commentators?

the list is way too long … of tv stations,gossip shows, so-called entertainment shows, commentators, cable, mainstream news… showing snippets of MJ and his kids and or other family members and exploiting it …

i want the facts not rumors, gossip and so-called news from sources …

they act like Michael Jackson’s family isn’t worth giving any kind of respect to … and the notion that people wonder why Katherine wants to know more about the people now in charge of her sons’ estate is strange… this was his mom … who has had a 50 year history with her son … who decided for some reason to leave her out of that one part of his life and she wants to know why? she wants to know if they can be trusted,  she is his mom … that should have some merit … i don’t think she wants to grab the estate like the Media is inferring, that she is after his money… the executors are not Jacksons … Katherine just wants to know what they plan to do with her son’s and grandchildrens’ trust, she wants them to act in good faith … you gotta admit the clause that cuts off anyone who challenges it … is cold and may not have been directed solely at Katherine but …. Wow.

we all need to realize that they are getting ratings off of MJ’s death and nothing new has been really worth listening too