Guns … consealed weapons? crossing state lines…

EDIT: 7/22/09 Congress decided to vote down this effort by 2 votes !!!!!

Congress should not be voting yes to allow people to carry guns across state lines … the Police should be the only people being able to cross state lines with a gun !!! and assault weapons should never never be in the hands of civilians at all

no civilian should be able to carry a gun across state lines … legally or not … this is just an absurd idea !!!

the money trail? … Michael Jackson’s

**heard debbie rowe was cut off from spousal funds a long time ago … yet she stated that she only wanted the money she and Michael agreed to … which is true?

** what percentage does the Jackson estate get after AEG sells the video? movie or pay-per-view?

**is Sony and the Jackson executors in any association? partnership etc.

**didn’t AEG have an enormous insurance policy on MJ and how much would or did they get

**love child? Bhatti’s mom should be honest about she and MJ

**Grace was MJ’s GF and nanny? true or not, heard she did some things that may not have been in his best interest… such as stating theĀ  rent for a rental MJ paid for was 100thousand when it really was 25thousand … true?

**do dermatologists usually perform facial fillers…give out Demerol for pain for facial work? i totally get helping MJ but he had money … why not just get a great plastic surgeon to repair the nose damage … or was he another dr who gave out extra?