There’s a movement in Massachusetts to elect Elizabeth …Jim Dean

I don’t need to tell you who Elizabeth Warren is — you’ve probably seen the video where she debunks right-wing “class warfare” talking points and makes a powerful case for the social contract.

Elizabeth is a fighter and a truth-teller. You saw it in that video — and you saw it in Washington, where she stood up for the middle class and took on the big banks to hold Wall Street accountable.

She is exactly the sort of person we need fighting for us in Washington everyday and we need to have her back in this Senate race in Massachusetts. Republican Scott Brown has a $10 million war chest and big banks will go to the mat to keep a real progressive like Warren out of the Senate.

Help elect Elizabeth Warren. Chip in $12 to her campaign right now.

When we asked our Massachusetts members who they supported for Senate, the answer was loud and clear — 90 percent of DFA members said they supported Elizabeth Warren.

There’s a movement in Massachusetts to elect Elizabeth and it’s about more than taking back a Senate seat — it’s about electing someone who will get America working for regular folks again and hold big banks, insurance companies and Wall Street accountable for their actions.

Electing Elizabeth is a huge step towards getting Americans back to work and rebuilding the middle class.

Elizabeth Warren is standing up for us. Let’s stand up for her. Chip in $12 to her campaign right now.

Thanks for everything you do.

– Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America


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We’re building something different here.

Ours is the only major presidential campaign that outright rejects contributions from Washington lobbyists and refuses money from special-interest PACs.

No matter what the deadline, no matter what the pressures or distractions, we’re always going to do this the right way: one person and one grassroots donation at a time.

It’s the hard way to do it, but we’re stronger for it in the end.

So please donate $5 or more before midnight tonight:

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P.S. — If you make a donation of any amount before midnight, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to join me for dinner with three other supporters.

Eradicating homophobia …Eden James,

Tell Southwest to apologize for kicking lesbian couple off flight

Leisha Hailey and Camila Grey weren’t expecting anything out of the  ordinary when they boarded their Southwest Airlines flight last Monday.  Camila kissed Leisha — just a typical “I love you” peck like any couple  might share.

Apparently, this was not okay with their flight attendant,  who came over to explain that two women kissing was not acceptable,  because Southwest is “a family-oriented airline.”

Leisha and Camila were extremely upset. The flight attendant wouldn’t  back down. The conflict escalated. And Leisha and Camila were kicked  off their flight.

Jeremy Sharp is a college student and a fan of Leisha’s — Leisha was one of the stars of the TV seriesThe L Word.” Jeremy  started a petition on demanding that Southwest apologize to  Leisha and Camila. Please sign Jeremy’s petition to Southwest today.

Southwest claims to be a supporter of LGBT rights — and, as  corporations go, Southwest has excellent anti-discrimination policies.  It’s even the official airline for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against  Defamation (GLAAD). But now that those policies are being put to the  test, Southwest is failing miserably.

In multiple statements, Southwest has refused to accept  responsibility for the actions of its employee, and has instead blamed  Leisha and Camila for bringing this discrimination on themselves. But  Leisha and Camila would have had no cause to get upset if they hadn’t  been targeted by their flight attendant for their sexual orientation.

Eradicating homophobia means more than saying the right  buzzwords and sponsoring the right organizations. It means making sure  that LGBT families are treated equally every day. If Southwest can brush this incident under the rug, what’s to stop other well-meaning companies from doing the same?

Southwest has already received an avalanche of bad publicity for both  its employee’s discriminatory behavior and its failure to accept  responsibility for the incident. The airline’s executives need to  understand that potential customers aren’t going to let this go until  Southwest issues an official, meaningful apology.

Please sign Jeremy’s petition asking that Southwest apologize to Leisha and Camila:

Thanks for taking action,

– Eden and the team

TGIF ….&some News

just another rant …

Apparently, Climate change and its impact on science not to mention the latest comments from scientists all over the world has … churned up
some opinions … I like it. I want to thank everyone who even bothers to make comments at all …honestly, I had hoped to get maybe one, or two but the number of comments is great, please keep it up. So, with all that said the comment below is …


Indeed Al Gore is not a scientist.  I recommend against using him as a source of climate science, except perhaps as an intermediary to actual scientists.

Perhaps a better idea is to lend credibility to the National Academy of Sciences.  Or the Royal Society (Great Britain’s national science academy, the oldest and probably most respected in the world).  Or the national science academies of over 30 nations, including France, Germany, Russia, China, and a host of others.  Or the American Physical Society, the American Chemical Society, the American Geophysical Union.  They have all issued unequivocal statements that global warming is really happening, that it’s caused by human activity, and that it’s very dangerous.

One is also well advised to put more trust in actual working climate scientists.  They too are in near-universal agreement that global warming is really happening, that it’s caused by human activity, and that it’s very dangerous.

One is ill advised to trust “Roger from New Zealand” on this issue.

My Response –

I am not using Gore as anything. Again, like i have stated to “Rodger from New Zealand, I receive newsletters and action alerts
from Gore and UCS which happen to at least provide information that hopefully makes people think and share…. they are not the only source but they are in the
game and more need to jump in or try to gain more PRsomehow. I appreciate your words of advice and I do believe my responses were adequate and spoke for themselves really.  i believe that Global Warming and Global Cooling are not only realities but also environmental and manmade  problems that definitely need to be addressed sooner than later.

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Anti-gay slur unpunished in NHL …Eden James,

What do you do when someone hurls a homophobic slur at a hero? If you’re the National Hockey League, you turn a blind eye.

New York Rangers forward Sean Avery joined the campaign to fight for same-sex marriage in New York this spring, knowing full well he might get blowback from opponents in the NHL. Avery stood up for his beliefs, and he thought the NHL would have his back… but he was wrong.

Two days ago, Philadelphia Flyers player Wayne Simmonds called Sean Avery a “f*cking f*ggot” during an exhibition game. Avery complained to NHL officials, but the officials say they won’t fine Simmonds because “there are conflicting accounts of what transpired on the ice.” This despite the fact that Simmonds can clearly be seen mouthing the slur on video.

Gay rights activist and avid hockey fan Gloria Nieto thinks this is just plain wrong, so she started a petition on imploring the NHL to fine Wayne Simmonds for his use of an anti-gay slur. Please sign Gloria’s petition today.

Other professional sports leagues have cracked down on homophobic slurs. When Kobe Bryant used the same slur as Simmonds, the National Basketball Association fined him $100,000. Nearly a third of all Major League Baseball teams have made “It Gets Better” videos to stand up against anti-gay bullying.

The NHL’s inaction is not only a step backward in the fight to end the culture of homophobia in professional sports. It’s also a betrayal of Sean Avery, who represents the very best of how professional athletes can help the fight for gay rights.

If the NHL is allowed to ignore Simmonds’ slur, that sends a dangerous signal to other hockey players: Don’t bother supporting the LGBT community. Your league won’t have your back if you do.

NHL officials need to know that you are watching their actions closely and fully expect them to hold Wayne Simmonds accountable. Please sign Gloria’s petition asking the NHL to fine Wayne Simmonds for his use of an anti-gay slur:

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Eden and the team