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Reminder: Scott Brown staffers do “Indian war whoop”, “tomahawk chop”

Sep 25, 2012 by    

9/22/2012, nearby Eire Pub in Boston, at a rally for Scott Brown including former Mayor Ray Flynn. Some supporters of Elizabeth Warren were also gathered around with signs. Here you can see Brown’s staffers making “war whoops” and “tomahawk chops”, presumably in reference to Warren’s Cherokee heritage. Identified in video making the chop are Brown’s Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard (camoflage shirt) and — we believe — Massachusetts GOP operative Brad Garrett, front and center with tan baseball cap and gray hoodie, leading the whoops and chops.


SCOTT BROWN this is a disgusting act of discrimination … misinformed Americans

Support Democratic Candidates

This week, Elizabeth Warren CRUSHED Republican Senator Scott Brown in their third debate.

She vowed never to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. She held Brown accountable for his pledge to never raise taxes on millionaires.

And Warren’s answer on women’s issues is being called “defining,” “stellar,” and “her best in any debate.”

See the video — and make calls in the next few days for Elizabeth Warren and her allies.

You can also see the video here and chip in $3 to fund our call program for Warren and others.

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Watch Rob Zerban’s petition delivery:

Elizabeth Warren for Senate : Massachusetts

Sep 18, 2012 by    


Like a lot of you, I came up in a family that worked hard and I’ve spent years fighting for working people.

I wasn’t looking to run for office but I see how Washington‘s rigged for the big guys:  oil companies, billionaires, and I can’t stand by. My fight’s for our families, for a level playing field. Scott Brown‘s not a bad guy, he doesn’t always vote the wrong way. But too often, on things that really matter, he’s not with you. With almost a quarter of a million people out of work in Massachusetts, Scott Brown voted against three of President Obama’s jobs bills. He voted against making millionaires pay the same tax rate as working families. And he voted to give more than 20 billion dollars in subsidies to the big oil companies. Kids are drowning in student loans, roads need repair, the deficit is sky high, and Scott Brown’s voting for giveaways to big oil? I wouldn’t do that. I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message. I’d be in there fighting for you, not some of the time — all of the time.

Campaign ALERT:

CAMPAIGN ALERT: We just got news that Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS group has launched $1.8 million in vicious, lie-filled ads attacking five of our Democratic Senate candidates, including Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts.

        Why Warren? Because she is a true fighter against corporate power and is a serious threat to beat Scott Brown and take back that seat in Massachusetts.

Election Day is one year away. Campaign outcomes are being decided NOW. We’re still $50,000 short of our Year Out Project goal, and we need to respond to Rove’s attacks with a show of strength by midnight. Every dollar we fall short is a dollar Karl Rove can spend attacking our candidates without challenge. With 23 seats to defend, we can’t afford that. We would lose the Senate, and the new leadership would have Rove on speed dial.


Karl Rove’s attacking us in Massachusetts. Virginia. Montana. Missouri. Nebraska. And we know more attacks are coming. I’ll let you know when more news breaks.

        Guy Cecil