gossip, news or something else?

did anyone ask for …HLN, CNN, MSNBC, larry king, tmz,  extra or access hollywood to investigate?    new or old information

you gotta ask yourself as a tv viewer if the Jackson family cleared or gave permission to anyone  for anything that is being said on tv …

janet stated the family chose her  to speak for them that night …

one station said people were acting irrational

and though mJ may have lived a life many disapproved of,  it was not his whole life, he was also the child of a living mother,  living father with sisters and brothers … but the Media has treated the whole family like they don’t exist …  do they have Legal recourse for the various comments that could be considered on the edge of being much more than just  opinions being made by reporters, journalist or commentators etc. ?

wondering how the Jackson Family feels about the various  investigations being done by the various so-called cable news stations. lawyers, child counselors… they don’t seem to care what they say, who they question and if i didn’t know any better most of them feel it’s their duty, act like they were hired to not only investigate but try and convict the various family, friends and anyone in between…       some are analyzing  every word and movement made by every individual family member and their body language. … why bother talking to them right?

it doesn’t matter who is holding these side shows or if the performers are …Black or White reporters … i am offended … so called panels and those with titles behind their names it doesn’t matter …  the Media is out of control, definitely have no respect for the family and hopefully the public sees that and waits for the Jackson Family to tell their own story … a story others seem to think they know better



not to disrespect anyone but my problem with this case is … how could there be no sign of trouble,   did anyone notice stock movement or lack of it … the notion of too good to be true behavior of their statements?  didn’t anyone question him? why did so many stay quiet

energy bill … jobs can be created

21st century living requires a huge amount of change no matter what is going on in other countries

72% want health-reform 70% are willing to pay a bit more if it means changing the environment …

people who have clout are saying that it will force jobs to other countries, that what difference will it make since other countries are not doing the same thing … the people voted  President Obama in to make changes … exchange coal-mining plants for solar and wind manufacturing plants … invest in natural gas …

watch any video of President Bush talking about the booming economy, the astronomical amounts of housing availability … the end result is our current financial crisis

the problem we have was a supply and demand in excess  … that the Bush government indulged in… they failed to self- regulate , enforce regulation on Wall Street and others in the private sector

health care … reality check

is it possible that all the facts have not come out yet ?

companies using private insurance companies will not be changing … if your company using a private sector insurance company …  it will stay with that…  until open enrollment

i would like the people who stand to loose from any 21st century progress to health-care reform to stop protecting the health-care lobbyist paying for their political campaigns …

if the govt is so bad at running programs why are insurance companies who have dominated the business for so long and for over 71% of the market afraid of competition? this should help bring down costs… it’s a no brain-er… what better way to bring down costs?

it was only a few years ago that you had to meet certain criteria in order to get health-care from a state or  private sector health-care facility… if you worked for the state your premiums increased but your wages did not match those rates … co-pays changed as well as what services you were eligible to get based on … whatever formula they happened to be using at the time… insurance has had such a control for decades… this is not free trade, fair trade .. it’s patient manipulation, it’s market monopolization  … it affects every aspect of our economy…health-care service prices … wages that employers provide

is your tv or cable reporter a journalist or Lawyer?

while it’s obvious why so many on cable tv are lawyers/journalist … knowing or having the mind set to question the legalities , using it as credibility, informing on crossing the line and acting as experts …

still strange to see and hear them acknowledge each other as lawyers while acting as reporters and journalists… what ever happened ?

it is apparent they aren’t as personable, relaxed and or spontaneous as real journalists and makes you wonder how much are they getting paid …

is it a position that pays them for being a lawyer first then tv reporter? or are they tv lawyer commentators? … where are the tried and true tv reporters, journalist and or commentators who aren’t lawyers ?

isn’t anyone who went to school for journalism upset?