Lieberman…is not just sounding more Republican than ever

Update 10/21/09 Lieberman def is a Republican and needs to be voted out in our next election and have his gavel taken away now.

is it me or has Lieberman forgotten the whole point of changing our current system?  health-care costs, the delivery of it and how insurance companies handle over  70%  of the insurance market,

who calls that a free market, who calls that fair, who says the public is against this thing?

Lieberman is sounding more like a Republican which is good the Dems are finding this out now, well it’s 10/30/09 and he has come out and said not only will he filibuster a vote, but work to get repubs into office, this should be enough to finally take his gavel away.



Health-care reform… Energy… and better Education…

HC reform wants to kill old people? death panels? this is crazy talk

This idea of the President and Health-care Reform being a secret plot to kill old people is offensive,   apparently the one who coined the phase, which is now invoking fear, hate and possible violence in America is BETSY MCoy and by the way … this is not true… no one is trying to kill your grandma.

if anyone at all has had to help a relative who had nothing in writing and unable to speak for themselves should know the chaos that ensues… not sure of the numbers of people who fail to plan ahead … and not all doctors talk to their patients about such things…why?  i don’t know … believe me it becomes a nightmare for the family left to decide…

no part of  Health-Care Reform includes killing grandma or anyone else for that matter and  it was a Republican who came up with this line item … not President Obama …AGAIN the service would be by choice … not a forced item

Palin and others like her are misrepresenting the facts… she and the people below wanted it before it became a tool to push against President Obama … go ahead and push but do it with facts not with made up crazy talk… Americans deserve better than this … Reform will not be easy but the alternatives are worse


R.limbaugh…the conservative radio guy promoted living wills and the company on his radio station, he believed in and wanted people to actively take time out to discuss and prepare for advanced and direct care.

S.Palin…the half-term gov,claiming death panels not only promoted end of life advanced care decisions she designated 4/16/2008 as Health-care decision day… which to me means a directive to people to use this day to make decisions on end of life care right?

N.Gingrich…the conservative claiming we need to question govt directives regarding end of life counseling… which, was suggested by a Republican as a choice, has promoted living wills and direct care himself…the govt is not promoting euthanasia or communal anything …

Jobs jobs jobs… Progress !!!! stimulate

CNN reports:

Ohio company gets $400,000 tax credit to hire workers for a Wind Farm Manufacturer

Pennsylvania will train Vets in Welding skills program

Indiana bio-science company is looking to hire 125 people

Raleigh, N.Carolina will be getting Quintiles Transnational Corp. …is moving its World Headquarters to the Research Triangle Park

to be continued …

American idoln’t think so… anymore

is it just me or was Paula’s co-workers MIA until the dust settled?  were they all lying low ?… and all the sad talk just turned me off… all’bout the benjamins

people who used to watch AI have until January to see if things change … which, they might … never say never until that first rookie belts a song on stage but … is it worth it now?

it was an ensemble … they should have negotiated contracts together


what’s her name will never replace Paula abdul .. geesh what was her name? oh well …

more so-called MJ friends? claiming rights?

does dna prove anything?  these men were sperm donors, nothing more

cable tv with gossip reporter cortney hazellett reports that mark lester has the most right of any of the men coming out to voice their opinion on these kids? felt he wasn’t being heard so he took it public? was she biting her tongue while she said that? …  it’s obvious she has no children because this is not the way to handle your business, especially if you truly care for the object of your intention

… ok he was the godfather of the kids and had plans this summer … ok Hello … MJ died? right?  things change and a lot has to be dealt with,  he is proving how not to behave … you do not take your case public to get attention… hazlett states he couldn’t get through? maybe he couldn’t get what he wanted?… shameful behavior

a few so-called friends have decided to make the lives of  MJ’s kids even harder to endure… while it’s quite clear and apparent to all of us but these men that Katherine was given permanent custody just like MJ asked … these men feel going public was the best or only way to handle paternity questions?

it’s irresponsible, it’s sick,  insane and inconsiderate of these kids and the Jackson family as a whole.

what is their motive?