Vice President Biden says

in my opinion …

Sotomayor was the best pick our President could have chosen… she has a great story, her qualifications are undeniable …
we all need to stand with Sotomayor and support her by …
calling your Sentor … write a letter to your local Editor

the current smear campaign by the likes of liddy, c rove, newt, r limbaugh, cheney and others regarding Sonia Sotomayor being a racist or the real meaning of la raza ? is  absurd…
it should open our eyes to the crap being spread around by the right.


Referendum 71

A Note from Dan Savage:

We need to take a stand for equality.

All of us. In Washington, committed same-sex couples and their families now enjoy the same legal protections granted to married couples under state law. The radical right just filed a referendum—Referendum 71—to repeal many of those protections and benefits.

In Washington,  today, we need everyone who believes in equality to take a stand for civil rights and decline to sign the Referendum 71 petitions. Especially straight people.


Opponents of equality need more than 120,000 signatures to place this referendum on the ballot.

Please join thousands of people across Washington in saying no to discrimination by pledging: “I decline to sign!” Please put your name on our pledge not to sign this referendum. Then forward this email to your friends and ask them to sign as well.

Click this link to decline to sign:

john and kate +8

maybe the whole story is not out there but it seems like her brother and his wife wanted a piece of the growing pie …

money does strange things to people ….

there is reality tv and then there is just plain’ole reality …

tv put an angle on their lives that we all wanted to tune into(i did) i have one and wanted to know how she/hubby cope … but … the parents personal lives(the lets get real stuff) should be kept out of it … the kids are all school age, all are probably dealing with the media  everyday … clearly including family, any possible break-ups and all kinds of misbehavior   should be considered before accepting a reality tv show, something the Gosselins have had to learn

I personally don’t care about the extra-marital affairs…however, i do care about the impact the MEDIA has had on the kids and their lives … actually the MEDIA is to blame … they exploit families … j/k+8 were all okay until the uglier side was available to dig into

crossing the line is something the Media has decided not to think about … why not choose to let them work on that outside of the camera lens

Hello world!


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