john and kate +8

maybe the whole story is not out there but it seems like her brother and his wife wanted a piece of the growing pie …

money does strange things to people ….

there is reality tv and then there is just plain’ole reality …

tv put an angle on their lives that we all wanted to tune into(i did) i have one and wanted to know how she/hubby cope … but … the parents personal lives(the lets get real stuff) should be kept out of it … the kids are all school age, all are probably dealing with the media¬† everyday … clearly including family, any possible break-ups and all kinds of misbehavior ¬† should be considered before accepting a reality tv show, something the Gosselins have had to learn

I personally don’t care about the extra-marital affairs…however, i do care about the impact the MEDIA has had on the kids and their lives … actually the MEDIA is to blame … they exploit families … j/k+8 were all okay until the uglier side was available to dig into

crossing the line is something the Media has decided not to think about … why not choose to let them work on that outside of the camera lens