“Zero tolerance” ~ Families Belong Together

Dear Friends,

Babies torn from their parents. Families thrown in cages. “Zero-tolerance”.

This has been a devastating week for immigrant families nationwide, and it can be overwhelming– even for us– to keep up with everything that’s happening. We want to help you rise above the noise of the daily news and give you concrete actions at your fingertips that you can take to support immigrant families in this crisis. Text the word FAMILIES to the number 225568 and we’ll send you organized, concise updates on actions you can take right to your phone on a weekly basis.

If you want to take action this weekend, join the “Families Belong Together” National Day of Action this Saturday, June 30th, which we’re joining MoveOn, ACLU, National Domestic Workers Alliance, and many other groups. You can find an action near you here:http://act.colorofchange.org/go/70021?t=4&akid=14868%2E1174326%2EezcSwz.

Trump has targeted Black and Brown people since before he was elected– but mobilizations of the people have shut him down over and over, from the “No Muslim Ban” airport protests to the outcry that forced him to sign an executive order ending family separation last week.1,2 From Latin America to the Caribbean to the countries barred by the Muslim Ban, this Day of Action is our opportunity to show Black and Brown immigrants everywhere that we see their humanity and they do not stand alone.

If you can’t make it, text the word FAMILIES to the number 225568 and we’ll send you live photos from the action, and keep you updated on future things you can do to stand with Black and Brown people. By texting in, you can make sure you don’t get lost in the flood of daily news, and know exactly what actions to take to help protect children, parents and everyone else being targeted by Trump and his administration.

Thank you for standing up for what’s right. It’s people like you that history will record as the heroes, for spreading love in this time of hate.

For the families,

–Jenni, Rashad, Arisha, Hope, Alicia W., Bhavik, Sonya, Reagan, Daniel, Scott and the Color Of Change Team



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Government Crackdown on Illegal Amazon Gold Mining Could Backfire for Brazil’s Munduruku

Last month, a series of police and military actions in the remote forests of Brazil’s Tapajós basin struck at the foundation of a flourishing criminal gold mining network. Acting upon information provided by Munduruku leadership seeking to end this toxic industry, law enforcement destroyed heavy equipment, fined wildcat miners, and raided the offices of local gold traders.

These actions signaled decreasing government tolerance for extensive illegal mining operations in the Brazilian Amazon. The government action that followed, however, set ambiguous precedents for future enforcement and led to intensified direct threats upon Munduruku leaders fighting to defend their lands and culture from more mining.

RE: 200 TV stations forced to deny kids are in cages

Sinclair Broadcasting has reached a despicable new low.

The right-wing TV company forced its nearly 200 stations around the country to lie about Trump’s policy of ripping kids from their parents at the border, blaming the family separation on others while saying Trump “stepped in” to stop it.(1)

The must-run segment then calls concern over the horrifying practice “politically driven by the liberals in politics and the media.”(2)

It’s essential that we stop Sinclair from merging with Tribune Media: If the merger goes through, this kind of propaganda will reach 3 of 4 American households.(3)

We have only until July 12 to flood the FCC website with comments to stop this awful merger. Will you chip in $5 to help stop Sinclair?

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help stop Trump TV.

The pro-family-detention segment from Trump stooge Boris Epshteyn is his latest bit of so-called commentary, which Sinclair forces member stations to air nine times a week.(4) And it’s not the only example of pro-Trump dogma Sinclair stations foists on local news channels.

Sinclair is already the country’s largest broadcast company, and it could become even more insidious if it buys up Tribune Media: The resulting company would own stations that reach 72 percent of American households.(5)

Can you imagine pro-Trump propaganda, every day, in 72 percent American homes?

But there’s still time to stop this nightmare merger. The FCC is taking another round of public comments on the takeover until July 12. And its chair, Ajit Pai, is under investigation for creating loopholes in the rules that unfairly favor Sinclair.(6)

Plus, there’s the Department of Justice’s anti-trust division, which can put a stop to Sinclair’s anti-competitive power grab. We’re putting pressure on both the DOJ and the FCC to stop Trump’s propaganda machine from taking over our airwaves.

We can’t possibly allow more anti-immigrant, racist pro-Trump propaganda to takeover American airwaves. Will you chip in $5 to stop the Sinclair-Tribune mega-merger?

Yours in the fight for independent media,

William, along with Annie, Brenna, Caitlin, Eddie, Emma, Lindsay, Mai, Mary, Molly, Raquel, Rebecca, Scottie, and Tim (the Courage team)

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‘Pool Patrol Paula’ assaults 15-year-old black male with friends

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