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As the investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia grows, the lynchpin to understanding potential conflicts of interest could be in his tax returns.

That’s why we’re working with our champions in Congress to build support for the “Presidential Tax Transparency Act,” which would require all sitting presidents and major party nominees for president to release the last three years of their tax returns.

Become a co-signer of the “Presidential Tax Transparency Act” today and force Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

By signing this petition, you will help build pressure to force a vote in Congress on this critical legislation.

Resistance to the Trump administration is growing. Across the country people are pushing back at town hall meetings, marches and at the polls. One critical component to the resistance effort is obtaining Donald Trump’s tax returns.

For the past 40 years, presidential nominees of both major parties have released their tax returns in part to assure the public that, if elected, there will be no conflicts of interest.

Yet, Donald Trump continues to own hundreds of businesses that are being run by his sons. The potential conflicts of interest are widespread.

The American people deserve to know:

  • Whether Donald Trump has financial ties with Russia?
  • How will Donald Trump’s businesses benefit from his actions as president, bills he signs into law and the general operations of the federal government?
  • How does Donald Trump personally benefit from his own tax scam that slashes the taxes owed by the richest Americans and wealthy corporations?
  • What tax loopholes Donald Trump benefits from now, and whether he even pays federal income taxes?

Stand with Americans for Tax Fairness. Become a co-signer of the “Presidential Tax Transparency Act” today.

Ending a rigged system starts at the top. Let’s force Donald Trump to release his tax returns.


Frank Clemente
Executive Director
Americans for Tax Fairness


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places on our planet – home to iconic wilderness and wildlife and the indigenous Gwich’in people.

But right now, the Trump Administration is racing to open this untouched wilderness to oil drilling.

Before that happens, the Department of Interior has to review environmental impacts and listen to the public.



“We are caribou people.  Caribou are not just what we eat; they are who we are.  They are in our stories and songs and the whole way we see the world.  Caribou are our life.  Without caribou we wouldn’t exist”.  ~Sarah James


About the Gwich’in

The Gwich’in are the northernmost Indian Nation living in fifteen small villages scattered across a vast area extending from northeast Alaska in the U.S. to the northern Yukon and Northwest Territories in Canada.

The word “Gwich’in” means “people of the land,” and it refers to a people who have lived in the region since before the U.S. and Canada existed. Today, the Gwich’in homelands span both countries. Oral tradition indicates the Gwich’in have occupied this area since time immemorial, or, according to conventional belief, as long as 20,000 years.