RE: Oakland PD’s disturbing anti-Black email to voters

#VotingWhileBlack logoOn Saturday, we emailed you about a distributing topic: California police unions sending anti-Black emails to voters. This is part of their $150,000 effort to defeat Pamela Price.

Since then, something amazing has happened: 1100+ Color Of Change PAC members have stepped up and donated to our election efforts.

It’s the last day before the election, and your last chance to join Color Of Change PAC members from across the country – donate today to help Pamela Price win!

Because of support from members like you, we’ve already been able to invest in ads to tell the truth about Pamela Price and her amazing vision for criminal justice transformation. We’re going to continue to do everything we can through election TOMORROW, June 5.

Don’t wait– Join us in our final push for Pamela Price.

Together we’ll win,

–Jenni and the Color Of Change PAC team

Help us defeat police unions trying to smear Pamela Price’s run for District Attorney in California!

We want to make sure we do everything we can to have her back before election day next Tuesday!


———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Jennifer Edwards, Color Of Change PAC

Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018

Subject: Oakland PD’s disturbing anti-Black email to voters

Dear Friends,

California police unions are gearing up to defeat Pamela Price, a Black woman running for Alameda County District Attorney, by any means necessary.

This past Tuesday, police unions, backed with over $150,000 in financial resources, sent mail throughout Alameda County smearing Price’s campaign platform.Even more disturbing, the Oakland Police Officers Association (OPOA) sent an anti-Price email specifically to a list of Oakland residents who are not Black entitled: “Oakland Likely Nov 2018 EMAILS No AF AM”.2

The proof is in the screenshot of the targeting list below.3 It’s disgusting.

These police unions are attacking Pamela Price with all the money and influence they have. We need to have her back now more than ever. Donate $3 to support our work to elect Pamela Price as Alameda County’s next District Attorney.

Contrary to what the police unions believe, Pamela Price wants to make sure that the law applies to everyone. If elected DA, Price vows to:

    • End money bail
    • Expand alternatives to incarceration
    • Protect immigrants from the Trump administration’s racist immigration policies4  &
    • Create a Police Accountability Unit to review allegations of misconduct by law enforcement officers.5

We cannot stand for the character assassination of Price. Donate $3 today if you believe Black women running for office deserve better.

At Color Of Change PAC, we’re armed with a staff of creative digital organizers prepared to fight back against Price’s opponents. We’re unleashing a geo-targeted Facebook advertising campaign in the Bay Area to inform voters like you about Price’s justice-centered campaign. Here’s an example:

 the clock is ticking and we need your help. The Alameda County Primary Election is in three daysand our budget is limited to roll out our ads supporting Pamela Price and defend her against these lies. 

Will you please donate $3 to help us support Pamela Price’s run for DA? It’s time to #ElectBlackWomen.

Until justice is real,

— Jenni, Arisha, Hope, Kwesi, Shannon, Bhavik, Charles, Bradley, Reagan, Scott, Daniel, and the Color Of Change PAC Team


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Radical RAND: The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand -a repost,a republican idol?

socialsecurityposter1I have to say, I do not usually read articles from Maureen Dowd, nor do subscribe to most of her comments but this one about ayn rand grabbed my attention …and is still relevant as 2018 begins

by Maureen Dowd

… Indeed, the most remarkable thing about Ayn Rand’s reach on the right is how unremarked-upon it most often is.

Ayn Rand — Russian empire, founder of the mid-century Objectivist movement, putative philosopher, writer of the novels The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and the inspiration for a small but intensely devoted band of acolytes — has been enjoying a resurgence of late on the American right. The cultural capstone to this resurgence arrived last week with the release of a filmed adaptation of the first third of Atlas Shrugged, independently financed by a wealthy devotee of Rand’s work and pitched explicitly at the Tea Party demographic. FreedomWorks, one of the central organizations in that movement, rolled out a massive campaign to encourage audience attendance and to push the film into as many theaters as possible. The 2011 CPAC conference held the world premiere of Atlas Shrugged’s trailer, and the conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation hosted an advanced screening of the film. This marketing tactic is understandable. The opening line of Atlas Shrugged — “Who is John Galt?” — has appeared again and again on signs at Tea Party protests across the nation. The Tea Party builds the theme of “Going Galt” into its rhetoric — a reference to the strike of industry titans organized by the hero of the novel. Glenn Beck praises Atlas Shrugged regularly on his various shows, and even held a panel dedicated to asking if Rand’s fiction is finally becoming reality. The Economist reported several sharp spikes in sales of Atlas Shrugged since 2007. And according to the Ayn Rand Institute, sales of the novel hit an all-time annual record that year, then reached a new record in 2008, with possibly another peak in 2009. By all accounts, Ayn Rand is now one of the central intellectual and cultural inspirations for the base of the Republican Party.


“For over half a century,” says Jennifer Burns, a recent biographer of the novelist, “Rand has been the ultimate gateway drug to life on the right.” And with good reason. Besides her prominence in the Tea Party’s intellectual and cultural lexicon, some of the Republican Party’s leading lights have cited Rand by name as an inspiration. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said she was the reason he entered public service. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) called Atlas Shrugged “his foundational book.” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is an avowed fan and quotes extensively from Rand’s novels at Congressional hearings. His father Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) told listeners that readers ate up Rand’s Alas Shrugged because “it was telling the truth,” and even conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas references her work as influence in his autobiography — and apparently has his law clerks watch the film adaptation of The Fountainhead. The phenomenon holds amidst the right-wing media as well: Rush Limbaugh called her “brilliant,” Glenn Beck’s panel on Rand featured the president of the Ayn Rand Institute Yaroom Brook, and Andrew Napolitano enthusiastically recounted a story in which his college-age self introduces his mother to Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness. John Stossel and Sean Hannity have name-dropped her as well. Going further back, Alan Greenspan — former chairman of the Federal Reserve and a fierce advocate of free-market ideology — is an acolyte of Rand’s thinking and knew her personally, and Rand was also dubbed the unofficial “novelist laureate” of the Reagan Administration by Maureen Dowd. Indeed, the most remarkable thing about Ayn Rand’s reach on the right is how unremarked-upon it most often is.


The philosophy, such as it was, which Rand laid out in her novels and essays was a frightful concoction of hyper-egotism, power-worship and anarcho-capitalism. She opposed all forms of welfare, unemployment insurance, support for the poor and middle-class, regulation of industry and government provision for roads or other infrastructure. She also insisted that law enforcement, defense and the courts were the only appropriate arenas for government, and that all taxation should be purely voluntary. Her view of economics starkly divided the world into a contest between “moochers” and “producers,” with the small group making up the latter generally composed of the spectacularly wealthy, the successful, and the titans of industry. The “moochers” were more or less everyone else, leading TNR’s Jonathan Chait to describe Rand’s thinking as a kind of inverted Marxism. Marx considered wealth creation to result solely from the labor of the masses, and viewed the owners of capital and the economic elite to be parasites feeding off that labor. Rand simply reversed that value judgment, applying the role of “parasite” to everyday working people instead. On the level of personal behavior, the heroes in Rand’s novels commit borderline rape, blow up buildings, and dynamite oil fields — actions which Rand portrays as admirable and virtuous fulfillments of the characters’ personal will and desires. Her early diaries gush with admiration for William Hickman, a serial killer who raped and murdered a young girl. Hickman showed no understanding of “the necessity, meaning or importance of other people,” a trait Rand apparently found quite admirable. For good measure, Rand dismissed the feminist movement as “false” and “phony,” denigrated both Arabs and Native Americans as “savages” (going so far as to say the latter had no rights and that Europeans were right to take North American lands by force) and expressed horror that taxpayer money was being spent on government programs aimed at educating “subnormal children” and helping the handicapped. Needless to say, when Rand told Mike Wallace in 1953 that altruism was evil, that selfishness is a virtue, and that anyone who succumbs to weakness or frailty is unworthy of love, she meant it.


Given that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is the lead architect of the GOP’s 2012 budget plan, his own devotion to the ideas of Atlas Shrugged and its author are worth noting. Conservative columnist Ross Douthat has dismissed the connection as Ryan merely saying some “kind words about Ayn Rand,” which simply isn’t a plausible characterization given what we know: Ryan was a speaker at the Ayn Rand Centenary Conference in 2005, where he described Social Security as a “collectivist system” and cited Rand as his primary inspiration for entering public service. He has at least two videos on his Facebook page in which he heaps praise on the author. “Ayn Rand, more than anyone else, did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism,” he says. All of which reflects a rather more serious devotion than a few mere kind words. So it should come as no surprise that Ryan’s plan comports almost perfectly with Rand’s world view. He guts Medicare, Medicaid, and a whole host of housing, food, and educational support programs, leaving the country’s middle-class and most vulnerable citizens with far less support. Then he uses approximately half of the money freed by those cuts to reduce taxes on the most wealthy Americans. By transforming Medicare into a system of vouchers whose value increases at the rate of inflation, he undoes Medicare’s most humane feature — the shouldering of risk at the social level — and leaves individuals and seniors to shoulder ever greater amounts of risk on their own. But if your intellectual and moral lodestar is a woman who railed against altruism as “evil” and considered the small pockets of highly successful individuals to be morally superior, it’s a perfectly logical plan to put forward.

AlterNet 8/2011

‘How do I know you’re the mother?’ Couple traveling with biracial son targeted by Southwest Airlines 

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