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Southeast winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph expected.


Everett and Vicinity, Tacoma Area, Bellevue and Vicinity and Seattle and Vicinity.


From 4 PM this afternoon to 7 AM PST Wednesday.


Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects. Tree limbs could be blown down and a few power outages may result.


Use extra caution when driving, especially if operating a high profile vehicle. Secure outdoor objects.

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NWS Seattle

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Seattle – Winter Weather – Advisory and Surrounding Areas –

Get prepared!

From Tue, Nov 29, 1:00 PM PST to Wed, Nov 30, 10:00 AM PST


Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of up to 8 inches.


Bellevue and vicinity, including Mill Creek, Kenmore, Kirkland, and Issaquah and Seattle and vicinity, including Shoreline, Vashon Island, Mercer Island, White Center, Kent, and Algona.


From 1 PM Tuesday to 10 AM PST Wednesday.


Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning or evening commute.

Additional Details

Snow accumulation is likely over the higher hills of the area during heavy showers Tuesday afternoon. Greater chance of snow accumulations during the overnight hours into Wednesday morning.


Slow down and use caution while traveling. For the latest road conditions in Washington state, call 5 1 1.

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NWS Seattle

who knows, plus-minus 3 inches… be prepared!

Reminder: Ending DACA could have cost states billions in GDP ~ reminder

While several groups on both sides of the political aisle have posted how much they believe ending DACA will cost, the trump admin didn’t seem to care.  As Americans, some of us believe in the lowercase c for capitalism, so the idea that it would cost approximately $290 billion-plus to end DACA and Deport the Dreamers as well seems like an obvious wtf moment. The logical response would seem to be Nah, we can’t afford to do this, so working this ish out in a reasonable bipartisan way seems much saner… right?

So, the demand to end DACA was heard being pushed worldwide by the now former AGjeffsessions in what seemed like an exciting presser, at least to him, yet those who understood the gravity of said decision fought back..

 Luckily, the courts stepped in, but the struggle, fight and best efforts for a perfect union continues


Question: is this the best Republicans have?

The decision is obvious… vote for Senator Raphael Warnock, who will fight to make more life-saving meds more affordable

I don’t know about you, but the guy who stepped onto the floor of Congress and threw down a bill that would cap insulin at $35 for all was amazing. However, Republicans saw that and said, nah, then tossed it in the corner among their other votes of NO to #WeThePeople. Then after much debate, enough said ok to giving some cost savings, but only to folks on Medicare. If Insulin only costs up to $20 to make, a whole lot of medication, especially life-saving medication like Insulin, needs to be reevaluated and given to all Americans.

– Nativegrl77

What National Awareness Month Events Are Celebrated in November?

Sacks of dried chilies

BY LAHLE WOLFE Updated November 13, 2018

Many countries adopt causes or a special interest groups to promote during a calendar month. The United States is particularly prolific at creating “national month” events to promote business interests. Showing your support of causes that are important to you is a great way to brand your business in your local community as a business with a heart.

Which Awareness Events Are Celebrated in November?

The following events are observed calendar month-long (unless otherwise indicated) every year in November in the United States:

Aviation Month

Great opportunity for bookshops, toy stores, broadcasters, educational businesses, and travel business to feature products and service related to the aviation industry.

Good Nutrition Month

Any business that sells healthy foods, cookbooks, diet services, exercise equipment, or supplements is perfectly situated to offer coupons, freebies, and consultants. It’s a great time for potential clients to get to know you.

Hunger Awareness Month

Even in the wealthiest communities, there are people who need help with access to healthy food. Your business has an opportunity to publicly give products, raise funds, or promote the work of your local food pantry.

National AIDS Awareness Month

Fundraisers and awareness campaigns can win your business friends, particularly in the LGBTQ community.

National American Indian Heritage Month

If you’re located in an area with a strong Native American presence, consider partnering to create programs, products, fundraisers, or other offerings to honor local Native people.

National Diabetes Awareness Month

This very common disorder, is often treated with special diets and exercise. If you offer healthy food or exercise programs/products, now is a great time to reach out to the diabetes community.

National Georgia Pecan Month

Sell pecans or pecan-based foods? Celebrate your southern roots this month with offerings such as pecan pie, praline ice cream, Georgia-themed cookbooks, and more.

National Long-Term Care Awareness Month

If your business offers services or products for long-term care, this is a good time to make your community better aware of your business and the quality of your offerings.

National Novel Writing Month

Get creative with this fun celebration by offering reading and writing corners, celebrating local novelists, decorating with book covers, or otherwise making the readers and writers in your community feel welcome.

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

Got peanut butter? Coupons, recipes, free samples, and even history lessons are a great ways to celebrate. You might also want to donate peanut butter to your local food pantry.

National Pepper Month

Here’s a chance to get your community excited about spicy foods by celebrating different types of peppers, selling pepper plants, or offering samples of peppery foods.

National Red Ribbon Month (Anti-Drunk Driving)

Conduct public awareness-raising and fundraising events to support this important cause in your community.

Vegan Awareness Month

Many people have no idea what a vegan is or what they eat to stay alive. Help them discover the richness of the vegan diet by offering samples, coupons, recipes, books, talks, and other products and events around this increasingly popular lifestyle diet.

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