Taibbi and other members of the Media

My opinion on  sensationalizing the death of anyone?

it’s disgusting but gotta say i turned the channel and station after station only made  comments about what was bizarre, strange and weird side of this man’ life…  made me upset

the man was dead or dying, these vultures needed to have some f’ing RESPECT for what was happening … and chose not to

listening to taibi and other commentators not only disgusted me with the nasty negative comments about michael jackson and his past …  it is disrespectful to not only MJ but to his family and kids

i accept taibbi’s opinion, but again it showed a disregard of  the death of a human being …  and totally unacceptable …
keep the negative awful comments to yourself  during  this time

i hope the people from the hospital who leaked info to any media companies get into trouble as well as any medics who called cable stations … totally unacceptable