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Stand Up for Reform … May Day event

Reform  Immigration FOR America


Watch the video,

and then

stand up

for reform tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, tens of thousands of us are attending hundreds of events across America to celebrate the strength of our movement and march for progress on immigration reform. I just shot this video explaining why the marches and rallies happening tomorrow are so vital to this fight.

Watch the video.

If we don’t make our elected leaders act now, we’re going to see more raids, more discrimination, and more hatred – just look at what’s going on in Arizona for a chilling example of what could happen across America if we don’t act now. Tomorrow we’re going to show Congress that we won’t wait any longer for them to move on immigration reform.

Thank you,
Gabe Gonzalez
Reform Immigration FOR America

Does the MEDIA have influence?(media owners, investors,employers)on Healthcare REFORM?

First of all … People… there is no Health-care Plan yet … this upsets me to think people … educated people think  or are promoting such a thing, there is none right now …

there are 2 bills being debated, which will then go to the President and continue to be debated...

is it just me or is the Media using their stats to try and sway folks watching and wondering and feeling that the Media actually is giving an unbiased view on the Obama Administration and their efforts or lack of it… is decided by POLLs?

listening to Cable say based on their  Polls numbers  … Obama is losing his sway based on the polls , the numbers say at this moment Obama is this or that …how concerned are you Senator,  that is BS … the answer is not in the POLLs people … this is irresponsible…

responsible people,  anyone who has common sense  will STOP … consider what is the Media intent … What is in it for the MEDIA … People

how much time has been given to the negative… what stations took money for those offensive ads that clearly are riddled with mis-information… there should be advertisements out there but they should be fact based!!!!

demand information from your Representatives…  if these Polls make you believe what the various news stations are feeding the Public and they are inaccurate? then let the people we voted into office know these commericials are unacceptable,  clearly we all  need to go that extra mile and let the Obama Administration know how we are feeling as voters … ask questions … don’t assume that tv is your main source of the truth.

jus sayin