Cats away … so-called insiders diss our President

REPost from 7/2009

Some things just don’t change…

why do people in the Obama administration seem to wait until he is out of DC to  talk, rant and rave about what is going on? or lack of it … i support what Obama wants to achieve … Republicans are being childish, not planning on helping Americans out, the decision to be the party of no hopefully will backfire.

We the People voted for Obama… the people want change … healthcare, energy and better education

but some democrats in office don’t seem to want to act in our best interest … the Public is not stupid … it will take a long time for change … it took  how long for this crisis to blow up? people need to be reminded … Obama has been in office for 7months…1yr now… anyone with common sense, i guess 1yr later and common sense among the people is over, i thought people would know it will take longer than 7months to see a difference … even now a yr later

fear mongering  is creeping up again and this time it’s on both sides of the isle …  teachers and fire fighters are loosing their jobs … some states are cutting social services .. my state is… any state using this money to balance their budget is why the numbers are not good …

the stimulus package is being held up,now passed, the question is why?and the answer to why the stim was held up? Republicans have decided to kill any bill, thus killing the Obama Presidency.  heard only 7/10% of it has been processed … and most of it going to rural America? i don’t believe that is totally true but what is def true; Officials used that money to plug budget holes

id say that last 90% should be jobs jobs jobs, the grid and the train … or just jobs jobs jobs … 10% is not very good … someone needs to tell me what’s up

It appears like some stuff is going on behind the scenes … who is sitting on the stimulus money if at all … if not tell us the truth …  someone needs to get this stuff straight …