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New laws … 40thou went into effect Jan.2010

While there are over 40thousand new laws we will all have to abide by, some states have more laws;  some i consider changes you can believe in, others are def a move into the 21st century; listed below….

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**Illinois joins 16 States by banning texting while driving, in school zones and no cells phone use either, fines will follow if caught

**California is the 1st State to basically ban Trans-fats from being served in restaurants; 1/2 a gram per serving.

**Kentucky and Washington have set a limit on the number of PayDay loans people can get; 2@$500.00 at a time in Kentucky and 2@$700.00 in Washington State

**New Hampshire has voted in Same Sex Marriage, the 5th

**10% use tax on tanning salons

**Children under 16 must have an adult with them at a tanning salon

**Oregon requires Children under 16 must wear seat-belts in all terrain vehicles or cars on public property and the fee for riding without a helmet is now 720.00

**Smoking banned in bars and restaurants in North Carolina

**California has decided people in the entertainment biz can sue if the paps snap pictures of them in personal activity

**all States are affected by the new fed law repealing the estate tax for a year, allowing the wealthy to hang on to their family money.

**Texas freshman and transfer students must be vaccinated against meningitis if they want to live on campus… UW already does this…

**Louisiana stores cannot sell lighters marketing to kids

**New Hampshire physical therapists can now give treatments to animals

**Nevada will require data collectors to use new standards to protect personal information transmitted electronically or held on devices like cell phones or laptops.

**Montana requires insurance companies to provide coverage for autism disorders