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What “Green” Means…organic, natural and sustainable

1)the certified organic label is regulated by the USDA and indicates the absence of most conventional fertilizers and chemicals.  A processed product(one that contains more than two ingredients)must have at least 95% organic material

2)The Demeter-certified Bio-dynamic designation means that farmers use practices emphasizing a holistic connection with nature.  The nonprofit has been certifying produce and wine since 1982 and bans harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.

3)Fair Trade products like coffee and chocolate are certified by the Fair Trade Federation, an international group working to relieve poverty.  They ensure that producers receive a fair wage and that production practices promote long-term environmental sustainability and community  development.

4)Green Seal is an independent nonprofit that promotes the manufacture, purchase, and use of environmentally responsible products.  The seal accredited everything from hand soap to hotels.

5)Local generally refers to products grown within a 100-to-150 mile radius. Transporting goods locally uses fewer fossil fuels than shipping them from around the word. buy local

6)Natural means that the product contains no artificial colours or flavors ..not certified or regulated

7)Post-consumer recycled is material that has been sold, used and then recycled.  It is the gold standard for recycled products

8)Sustainable forestry paper products are certified by the forest stewardship council and come from forests that are managed for long-term productivity and biological diversity.

Rachel Mount

Jimmy Fallon and the Mom of Dragons !


click on the link below for another Wiig video by Yahoo

Funny lady Kristen Wiig stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon dressed as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. The actress came complete with a fake dragon perched on her shoulder and some fake breasts taped to her chest.






The monster in your electric bill

You may not know this…

Producing electricity for the average household in the U.S. each year requires burning 8,079 pounds of coal, and using 5,000 gallons of water. Just for your home.But now you have a choice.

Arcadia Power enables you to power your home, apartment, or business with 100% clean energy in just 5 minutes, eliminating your environmental impact. 
When you make the switch, your utility will still continue to deliver electricity through the same power lines, but Arcadia Power will ensure that 100% of your usage is covered by clean wind power. No panels or equipment needed, and you’ll experience the same reliability you’re used to. You just set up an account online, and Arcadia Power gets to work for you by linking up with your current local utility.

It’s that simple.

Arcadia Power’s mission is to provide everyone with access to clean energy, even if your local utility refuses to stop fracking or burning coal. With customers across the country, Arcadia Power gives you the ability to eliminate your impact, support your values, and even get rewarded by sustainable companies for doing so.
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Nepal …

Dear friends,Whole hills swept down over the beautiful and delicate rural villages of Nepal on Saturday. Thousands were crushed, more are missing and the country is crying out for water, food, and shelter. It’s devastating and in the middle of it all this one brave local organisation, Abari, is using everything they have to put up tents in the hardest hit remote areas.

Aid experts say before the disaster they were doing some of the most impactful work in the country, and that they’re one of the best ways to get crucial aid to rural communities fast. That’s because this is their home.

We can make all the difference for this incredible group, and many others across Nepal, literally multiplying their relief budgets by 10, empowering them to build for the long term and keeping their emergency work funded in hard-to-reach places.

And by donating to local leaders ready for the hard years of rebuilding to come, we’ll plant the seeds of hope for a sustainable and safe future in Nepal’s poorest villages.

To give an amount other than the ones listed above, click here.
Nepal has a bad reputation for inefficiency and corruption, and its government is divided. That’s why Nepal’s vibrant civil society is likely to bring the most effective, life-saving support for many citizens.Abari, and many organisations like them in Nepal, have been at work in some of the worst hit regions building water tanks and housing, and making the connections aid workers need to navigate the remote areas and bypass corruption. The best part is that they are set up to take international donations directly right now.

Big international aid organisations have used established systems to mobilise money and expertise fast to meet this emergency, while local groups are improvising to respond to the vast needs. Supporting such groups can be riskier, but with that risk comes the possibility of a huge reward. When a cyclone hit Burma in 2008, our community raised two million dollars that was smuggled in through a network of monks working outside of the corrupt government system. For some, this bold tactic led to the only life-saving aid they ever saw.

We have the chance to do that again in Nepal. Click below to join in and Avaaz will collect and distribute our donations as soon as we raise enough to make a big difference for these inspiring local heroes:

To give an amount other than the ones listed above, click here.
Our movement was designed to break through bureaucracies and deliver hope directly. When disaster struck Burma and then again when it struck Haiti, theAvaaz Community opened our hearts and pledged millions to help people on the ground to get money to those most in need. Our common humanity united us to stand together in those times of greatest need. Now we can come together again toprovide the Nepalese people with the urgent support to survive this horror.With hope and determination,

Emma, Alex, Allison, Laila, Oli, Alaphia, Rowena, Mais and the rest of the team.


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Abari Adobe and Bamboo Research Institute

Rashad Robinson, ColorOfChange.org

It has been more than two weeks since Baltimore police killed Freddie Gray and no officer has been fired, arrested, or prosecuted. Local officials don’t even have answers to the most basic questions: Why did police violently arrest Gray? Why was this healthy 25-year-old’s voice box crushed, his spleen ruptured and 80% of his spine severed after 45 minutes with Baltimore law enforcement? 1

The lack of accountability for Gray’s killing is unacceptable and the solution to Baltimore’s policing crisis is not martial law or more militarized policing. Right now, we need widespread public pressure to ensure the necessary leadership and independent oversight to bring Gray’s killers to justice and overhaul the Baltimore Police Department. Without independent oversight it’s unlikely that Gray’s killers will be held accountable. Local prosecutors work too closely with police on a day to day basis to hold them accountable — and they almost never do.2

Demand that Governor Hogan appoint Maryland’s Attorney General to assist in the case.

Family holds signs that read justice for Freddie!

To be Black in Baltimore means every day is a risk. In a city overcome with racism, police violence, and a police union blocking reform,3 even the most simple activities — a walk down the street or the drive to work — could mean an unlawful arrest or deadly attack at the hands of law enforcement. According to an investigation by the Baltimore Sun, in just 5 years, 100 Baltimore residents have won $5.7 million worth of settlements relating to police brutality and civil rights. The stories are shocking, yet almost none of the officers were held accountable:4

  • Jerriel Lyles, who was attacked by police on his way out of a convenience store: “The blow was so heavy. My eyes swelled up. Blood was dripping down my nose and out my eye.”
  • Starr Brown, a pregnant woman slammed to the ground and kneed in the back by police after calling them for help: “They slammed me down on my face…The skin was gone on my face”
  • An 87-year-old grandmother, who was attacked after calling an ambulance for her wounded son, was told: “B****, you ain’t no better than any of the other old black b**** I have locked up.”

Following Freddie Gray’s killing, a community tired of living under siege and facing decades of employment discrimination and decimated public housing is rising up to demand change.5 Last night, as the National Guard moved into Baltimore, images of militarized police tear gassing and beating protestors, fires, and outrage once again flashed across our TV screens. The best way to restore peace to Baltimore is for Governor Hogan and local leadership to undo the structural racism targeting its people. But right now, police are preparing to announce even harsher measures to crack down on the protests — like a curfew for youth6 — that will likely continue to escalate an already unacceptable level of confrontation and violence between police and citizens.

Protestors in Baltimore are showing the same courageous resistance and vision for a better country that we see coming out of Ferguson, Madison, New York, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and other cities across the country. And just as in Ferguson, justice for the brutal police killing of Freddie Gray depends on Governor Hogan’s leadership to do more than ramp up law enforcement.

Tell Governor Hogan and Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to bring in Attorney General Brian Frosh to help secure justice for Freddie Gray.

Thanks and peace,

— Rashad, Matt, Arisha, Lyla, Shani, and the rest of the ColorOfChange team

April 28th, 2015

Help support our work. ColorOfChange.org is powered by YOU—your energy and dollars. We take no money from lobbyists or large corporations that don’t share our values, and our tiny staff ensures your contributions go a long way.


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