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Spring – did you know? … Our Environment


Climate Change chief victims of global warming are women, we grow the food, walk miles for water, and gather the firewood.

Fend off Allergies … by eating more leafy greens, having high levels of folic acid may decrease your risk of wheezing and silence some genes, including those of the immune system. author, Elizabeth Matsui MD

Making a glass jar impacts our environment, you have to burn a gas furnace 24hrs at 2000 degrees, this consumes a  huge amount of energy.

According to the WTC wiping  your feet off before home entry can reduce tracking pesticides by 25%, removing shoes can cut the amount of dust by 10 times, clean carpets every 18months instead of every 12months and save $300

the EPA states the air indoors is 2 to 5times more polluted, install smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, open windows daily, buy air cleaning plants, English ivy, Philodendron, spider; green cleaning recipes at Planetgreen.discovery.com

Rachel Carson‘s book Silent Spring, an early voice for our environment in 1962..get it

Buy local … less packaging if you buy local, more fresh tasty choices …support local farmer’s markets and community gardens

Raising Beef accounts for 18% of global warming emissions worldwide

You can reduce your carbon footprint just by switching to vegetarian meals for 1day, save about 860calories &9pounds of carbon,if done for 2weeks, a reduction of carbon by 122pounds and 12,460calories, losing about 3lbs or more.

So, this post is 11 + yrs old so the numbers must be staggering now


Mindful behavior / New Year Resolution … stop smoking


Every once in a while i come across info that i have to pass along.   i for one believe that great information definitely makes us think…hopefully, it also starts up a conversation that is not only positive but initiates reaction and action that causes change …  as an ex-smoker having stopped (cold turkey) years ago.  So,

The information below is old,  but you have to wonder just what the numbers are now!

Orzechowski and Walker, economic consulting firm says …                

   $1,712 is the average amt a pack-a-day smoker in the US spends annually

What can $1,712 buy?

  • 170 mosquito nets from nothingbutnets.net and prevent malaria transmission to African families.
  • Provide 11,900 meals for the nation’s hungry through feedingamerica.org
  • Donate to local programs to give 10 kids fun and creative after-school options every day for a month. aferschoolalliance.org for tips on finding an organization near you.

resource: internet

Did you know… reports in 2013 were alarming what are they now?



Did you know … reports in 2013 state the following

7.3 Pounds of plastic… Mostly pvc is in artificial trees

20,  Is the number of years … We must reuse artificial trees before it lowers the carbon footprint, equal to a real tree

There are 4000 Recycle centers nationwideplease find out where you can dispose of your Xmas tree this year for compost, woodchips for gardens and or  hiking trails.

600,00 Homes …Could be powered by energy used from Xmas tree lights every year, go to holidayleds.com and find out how to recycle your incandescent lights.

A 20% reduction in meat consumption would have the same impact as switching from a standard sedan to an ultra-efficient fuel car.

5000 gallons of water … Is the amount it would take to produce 1lb of wheat.

20%  of the worlds’ population…  Could be fed with the grain and soybeans used to feed US cattle.

4.5% … Is the number of greenhouse gases produced worldwide by animal farming than by transportation.

1500 miles … Is the average amount it takes to get food on our tables, the road trip takes tons of energy, the gas used to commute pollutes, buy, use and support your local farmer’s markets and community gardens

660 gallons… Is about how much water it takes to grow cotton for one T-shirt.if the shirt is coloured, a lrg amt of dye rinses off into factory wastewater,ends up in rivers and some dyes have carcinogens.

just more good info from LYBL and Eatingwell.com

CNN + YT hold Climate Change Summit and debate…

It’s 11PM PST and after hearing the Whip adjourn the Senate debate i changed the channel to cable 44…

Cnn/yt debate just starting… The moderator; Becky Anderson… the show was held in Copenhagen, Denmark; the  guests included … Darryl Hannah, Thomas Friedman, Bjorn Lomborg, Yvo de Boer and Kofi Annan answer questions and debate the facts about Climate Change… about 120 world leaders are in Copenhagen, Denmark debating, negotiating agreements on Climate Change.

First, Global Warming is real

Darryl Hannah/Actress… believes the world needs a new energy economy, wants to make any agreements on Climate Change legally binding, giving out sanctions if violated, she also feels that special interest groups, indigenous peoples and the disenfranchised have been ignored by leaders, she is also very worried about an initiative called Red that has policies that may be hard for indigenous peoples to understand, may inadvertently invade their environment, questions where the money is coming from and how it will be allocated.

Thomas Friedman/NYT reporter,writer…feels America needs to take the lead in global warming technology and enforce policies,it’s not complicated…climate change is real, the implications to doing nothing is complicated, waiting too long, what happens afterward that  too is complicated, he does not see how countries can be held legally accountable, feels competition may help get other countries to participate and drive the costs down and give incentives as well. He strongly feels research and dev must happen now and the US should be the leaders in res, dev and selling new energy products for the poorest countries to use, change happens when we offer incentives.

Kofi Annan/U.N Secretary General … Africans are not the only experts, we all are in the same boat, countries need to be more responsible for their output, some African nations are doing their part but they have a long way to go, they need ways to transfer to Green technology, need people to train them, promises were made a long time ago and were broken, we need to keep the fight and improve our world.

Bjorn Lomborg/Copenhagen Center for Climate Change … For the last 18years the promises made to the world have failed, world leaders promised to make changes yet they ignore the obvious, making changes is too expensive so they ignore it, if nothing is done, our environment has how long? We must invest in research and development, this can be done, it’s not so expensive, we probably do need a carbon tax but it’s not realistic. We need to help the poorest  get green technology… for food, water; consumer will be expected to pay.

Yvo de Boer/framework on Climate Change … Feels we are in deep trouble if we do nothing, we need to act on it now, change the lifestyle of our people, change how we make products, the government needs to come up with a viable solution, while he does not believe in a Carbon Tax, he pays one, he feels competition among business owners will help + incentives and the poor need to be trained to grow sustainable ways to live.

Viewer comments and questions…

How do we police climate change violations?

Climate Change affects poor countries, Bangladesh being one, when will rich nations start to make the move toward helping the poorer ones.

What are the negatives to fixing Climate Change? greed, and will that keep us from solving the worlds’ global warming issue? should we worry about where the money will come from and will that be worst than doing nothing at all.

Why should consumers be responsible for the Carbon Tax, why can’t businesses pay if they violate the policies, most don’t want to pay 6 or 7dollars carbon tax. These attitudes, behaviors, lifestyles have to change,people need to participate.

last, a young man around 10years old asked what does the panel plan to leave his generation? he lives in Malaysia.