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did you know? … Our Environment


Climate Change chief victims of global warming are women, we grow the food, walk miles for water, and gather the firewood.

Fend off Allergies … by eating more leafy greens, having high levels of folic acid may decrease your risk of wheezing and silence some genes, including those of the immune system. author, Elizabeth Matsui MD

Making a glass jar impacts our environment, you have to burn a gas furnace 24hrs at 2000 degrees, this consumes a  huge amount of energy.

According to the WTC wiping  your feet off before home entry can reduce tracking pesticides by 25%, removing shoes can cut the amount of dust by 10 times, clean carpets every 18months instead of every 12months and save $300

the EPA states the air indoors is 2 to 5times more polluted, install smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, open windows daily, buy air cleaning plants, English ivy, Philodendron, spider; green cleaning recipes at Planetgreen.discovery.com

Rachel Carson‘s book Silent Spring, an early voice for our environment in 1962..get it

Buy local … less packaging if you buy local, more fresh tasty choices …support local farmer’s markets and community gardens

Raising Beef accounts for 18% of global warming emissions worldwide

You can reduce your carbon footprint just by switching to vegetarian meals for 1day, save about 860calories &9pounds of carbon,if done for 2weeks, a reduction of carbon by 122pounds and 12,460calories, losing about 3lbs or more.

So, this post is 11 + yrs old so the numbers must be staggering now

Sustainability and Sports equipment

Nike Sustainability Index Favors Recycled Materials
Once the target of activists who attacked the company for the child
labor that occurred within its supply chain, Nike has not only become a
more socially responsible company, but a sustainable manufacturer.

                                                                     Nike’s GS football (soccer) boot is made from renewable and recycled materials like castor beans and recycled plastics. Photo: Nike
With 30 different materials that can go into one pair of shoes and more than 16,000 that can go into all of the products in any given year, Nike’s challenge to lower its impact on the planet is huge.

I ask that we ALL Help STOP the drilling in Yasuni National Park

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Drill here? Really?
It’s true. The Ecuadorian government is planning to allow oil drilling in one of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet – Yasuní National Park – home to Ecuador‘s last remaining indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation. Together we can stop this. Please sign and share this global petition today!Thousands have mobilized in Ecuador to protest President Correa‘s decision to drill. In response the government has cracked down on dissent, launched a nationwide media campaign pitting poverty against leaving oil underground, and just last week it convinced the National Assembly to approve drilling in the most biodiverse part of Yasuní. If drilling were to move forward it would be a disaster for the rainforest and indigenous rights, and it would pave the way for drilling in 6.5 million acres of indigenous territory in the southern Ecuadorian Amazon.

Our partners are mobilizing for a national referendum on the government’s plans to drill in Yasuní and need our support in calling for global action. They have just launched a global petition to save Yasuní-ITT. Please sign and share to let President Correa know that the world won’t stand for drilling in the last remaining pristine rainforests.

Thank you for your support!

For Yasuní,

Adam Zuckerman
Adam Zuckerman
Environmental and Human Rights Campaigner

P.S. Download and Play The Age of Yasuní on your iPhone or Android smartphone. All proceeds support local groups that are defending Yasuní National Park.

the President’s Weekly Address

Weekly Address: It’s Time for Congress to Help Responsible Homeowners
In this week’s address, President Obama explains his administration’s steps to help the housing market, including giving responsible homeowners a chance to save thousands of dollars every year by refinancing their mortgages, but he says we need Congress’s help to do more.
More videos. New Features. The official iPhone app is here. Get it now.

Walmart Free: Education Forum

On September 20th, join the Black Institute in educating New Yorker’sabout Walmart’s lies and building support for our local Walmart FreeNYC Campaign at the “No More Lies” Forum.

Walmart’s urban strategy is to buy and bully its way into our cities with a massive million-dollar ad campaign making promises to communities and associates. Community members will be sharing the story of broken promises in cities across the country where Walmart is expanding and what organizing efforts are happening to protect workers and communities in our cities.

This forum is an opportunity for all of us – community, faith,labor, students, low wage workers, elected officials and every day NewYorkers to learn about Walmart’s broken promises in urban markets and to engage in the NYC local campaign. Click for More Info

The Black Institute http://www.theblackinstitute.org/