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c-span : Senators propose Immigration Reform and Heritage Foundation pushes Real ID


Senators Announce Immigration Reform Proposals

A group of eight bipartisan Senators held a news conference in the U.S. Capitol to… More »



Heritage Foundation Discusses Future of Real ID

The 2005 REAL ID Act established minimum federal standards for state-issued identification documents, such as… More »

Tell Twitter: Dump White Supremacists ~ Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter

Over the course of only eight days, white-supremacist violence killed dozens of people in tragic mass shootings in communities including Gilroy, California, and El Paso, Texas. Of course, these aren’t the first communities to have mass murder visited upon their doorsteps by white supremacists — nor will they be the last.

As Black and Brown people, we are not safe in the United States. Our communities are under attack. In Gilroy, the shooter even stooped so low as to murder a six-year-old Brown boy. We don’t want to live like this. And we’re not going to take it lying down!

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, it’s important to take stock of what online platforms have done — or haven’t done — to stop the spread of white supremacy.

While the rally and murder of peaceful protester Heather Heyer served as a wake-up call for many tech companies, Twitter has done very little to stop white supremacists from organizing, fundraising, recruiting and normalizing attacks on women and people of color on its platform. In fact, Twitter continues to provide a megaphone to white supremacists who planned or participated in Charlottesville’s deadly white-supremacist riot.

Words have consequences. White supremacists, with Trump at the helm, have consistently dehumanized our communities, calling us “invaders,” an “invasion” and an “infestation” on social media — words we saw parroted in the El Paso shooter’s manifesto.

Twitter has allowed white supremacists to run rampant on its platform, and enabled them to organize real-world events centered on their hateful ideology and publicize their acts of violence. The company’s failure to stand strong against white supremacists is putting people of color, immigrants, religious minorities, LGBTQIA+ people and women — common targets of organized online hate — in danger.

No one has a right to be amplified by online platforms. It’s long past time for Twitter to step up.

Stand on the right side of history: Tell Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to #StopRacistTwitter by banning white supremacists and adopting the Change the Terms coalition’s model policies and terms of service.


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11 Ways to Hurt your Career …

11 Ways to Hurt Your Career

By Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer

jointsessioninCongressWhile most career advice focuses on how to succeed, we can all learn valuable lessons by dissecting career failure as well. Workplace experts offer insights into some of the top ways workers undermine their own careers and jeopardize their career development.

1. Not Taking Your Education Seriously

If you party too much in college and end up with a run-of-the-mill 2.5 GPA, you’ll be passed over for the best entry-level jobs, says New York City-based executive recruiter and coach Brian Drum of Drum Associates. Not finishing your master’s degree is another way to hurt your career development goals, adds Anne Angerman, a career coach with Denver-based Career Matters.

2. Not Having a Plan

In the current poor job market, you may have defaulted into a career you aren’t crazy about. That’s OK, as long as you develop career plans to get where you want to be. “Think of every job you take as a stepping-stone to your next job,” Drum advises.

3. Lying

You’ll lose professional credibility in a hurry if you lie, from exaggerating on your resume to getting caught fibbing on Facebook. “If someone calls in sick to work and then that evening posts a photo on Facebook of their extra day vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, that’s a big problem,” says corporate etiquette specialist Diane Gottsman of the Protocol School of Texas in San Antonio.

4. Sullying Your Reputation on Facebook or Twitter

Social media can harm your reputation in other ways, too. Personal posts and tweets from work — when you’re supposed to be doing your job — can tag you as a slacker. And the content of your posts or tweets can come back to haunt you as well — you never know who might stumble upon those bachelor-party photos. “You need to assume that every boss and potential employer knows how to use Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, and post from the standpoint that everyone is watching even if in reality they’re not,” Gottsman says.

5. Not Respecting Professional Boundaries

Sharing TMI about your personal life with colleagues is unprofessional. “Your coworkers don’t want to hear about your fights with your husband,” Angerman says. On the other hand, if you’re ultraprivate and work with a chatty group, join the conversations occasionally so coworkers don’t resent you.

6. Gossiping, Slandering, Excessively Criticizing

If you publicly bash fellow employees, the boss, the board of directors or even your competitors, you’ll be perceived as negative at best and a troublemaker at worst. The ramifications can be broad and long term, Gottsman says. “Industries are tight,” she says. “You don’t want to be the one who started that rumor about the head of your industry.” As far as bad-mouthing competitors — what if your company merges with a competitor, or you want to work for one someday?

7. Carrying on an Inappropriate Relationship with Your Boss

Never a good idea, but an especially bad one if your boss is married. “When you get involved in a drama or in something unethical that can be brought out in the open, you’re asking for trouble,” Gottsman says.

8. Not Controlling Your Alcohol Intake or Libido

Getting drunk at the office party or on a business trip damages your credibility. Ditto a romantic, ahem, “indiscretion” that your colleagues know about.

9. Job-Hopping Just for the Money

Job-hopping — in moderation — may not automatically disqualify you from a position. “But it gets to the point — like if you have seven or eight jobs by the time you’re 35 — that employers are not going to want to invest in you,” Drum says. Also, if you have leadership aspirations, keep in mind that the top dogs of many large corporations have been with those organizations for long periods, he says. Additionally, many companies have “last in, first out” layoff policies, which could leave you out of a job if you never stick around long enough to build tenure anywhere.

10. Losing Touch with References

You’ll kick yourself later if you leave a job without collecting personal contact information from colleagues who can serve as professional references for you in the future. “If you were forced to leave a job and you can’t ask your boss for a reference, hopefully you’ve built up some rapport with a colleague and can ask them,” Angerman says.

11. Leaving a Job on Bad Terms

Don’t become a lame duck when you’ve got one foot out the door, Drum says. “The employer only remembers about the last five minutes you were there,” he says. Give proper notice and don’t leave a mess behind. And by all means, do not make a huge dramatic production of it when you quit, complete with cursing, slandering and throwing things, Gottsman advises. “It’s very difficult to get another job when you’ve left destruction in your wake,” she says.

Martin Luther King




Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“I have a dream…to go to war?!”

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The Pentagon sank to a new low this week in their attempt to sell the Afghanistan War to the American people. At their Martin Luther King, Jr., Day observance, a Pentagon official actually claimed that if King were alive today, he might support the war.

This is simply not true.  http://act.bravenewfilms.org/go/472?akid=1417.1058794.hi707v&t=4  <<<As shown in our new video, Dr. King could not have been more clear in his 1967 speech denouncing the Vietnam War:

“A true revolution of values will lay hand on the world order and say of war, “This way of settling differences is not just. …A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”

More than 10,000 people died in the Afghanistan War last year alone. This year, the government plans to spend $107 billion on the war. We believe that if Dr. King were alive today, he would repeat his admonition to U.S. policymakers on their responsibility:

“I speak as one who loves America…The great initiative in this war is ours; the initiative to stop it must be ours.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a national hero who called on us to have the moral courage to stop another war that wasn’t making us safer and that wasn’t worth the cost. Help us fight the Pentagon lies. Spread the truth by sharing this video with your family and friends.


Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald

and the Brave New Foundation team

P.S. If you haven’t done so already, please join Rethink Afghanistan on Facebook and Twitter.

Donate today to help bring an end to this atrocious war that’s not making us any safer.  click on link below