I vehemently opposed Obamacare. Then it saved my life ~ Jeff Jeans

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Friend —

I was a lifelong Republican and worked on Ronald Reagan and George Bush’s campaigns. My grandparents were even invited to Reagan’s inauguration. I vehemently opposed Obamacare when it became law, as I recently shared during my question to Paul Ryan during a televised CNN Town Hall.

But then Obamacare saved my life.

I took a new job and moved my family across the country — but due to a glitch, my employer was unable to offer health care coverage. I lost my voice and ignored it for quite some time, thinking it was an allergy. My voice never returned, and I was having difficulty breathing, so my wife made an appointment with the doctor. I was diagnosed with stage III, borderline stage IV vocal cord cancer, and I had no health insurance. We offered cash upfront to pay for my treatments but were denied over and over again. We had always assumed that if you had money that you could get treatment. We were wrong — six weeks away from being dead wrong!

Although I had cancer, Obamacare gave me access to an insurance card, and I began receiving life-saving treatments the day my insurance plan took effect. I would be dead if it weren’t for Obamacare, the same law I had so loathed.

People across the country have received life-saving care, thanks to Obamacare. But that isn’t stopping the House from moving forward with a vote to repeal the law, tomorrow.

We can’t allow that to happen. Join thousands of Americans who support quality, affordable coverage for every American. Add your name now and we’ll follow up with ways you can take action right now.

Now it is my time to give back and work on behalf of the legislation that saved my life, helping others to avoid the same pitfalls I had fallen into. Health care should not change with every new administration, and we should be able to rely on steady, affordable care with guaranteed patient protections.

Access to timely treatment, affordable medication, and regular doctor visits are essential for every American.

Obamacare allows people to take responsibility for themselves, purchase insurance, and pay for their own care. Repealing it with no adequate and immediate replacement will destabilize the health care market and leave millions of my fellow cancers survivors at risk in the future. Constant worry about having affordable care is an added stress that no patient needs.

After my experience gaining health care through the Affordable Care Act, I began a Facebook page called “Obamacare Saved My Life.” It has given me the opportunity to meet thousands of others who are reliant on Obamacare for coverage — and they are terrified about the future. My wife and I share that same anxiety, even though I’ve been cured of cancer and am one of the lucky ones. It would only take one incident of cancer, one heart attack, one stroke, one bad car wreck, or a bad fall to join the ranks of those labeled as “pre-existing.” It only takes one test to show that you have high cholesterol or high blood pressure to be thrown into that group with us.

Americans now know what better health care is, and we should all demand it — for the well-being of our citizens and our economy — for America. Anything less is simply not an option.

If you agree, make your voice heard now:



Jeff Jeans

Affordable healthcare – What kind do members of Congress have?

Petitioning U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump

Remove health-care subsidies for Members of Congress and their families

Petition by Daniel Jimenez
Portland, Oregon
Several years ago, my dad got the news that he had cancer. Sadly, he passed away. My dad had a job at the time, but his employer did not cover him, and without coverage, he avoided going to the doctor until it was too late. As Congress and President Trump try to pass a new healthcare law, I’m reminded of my father and whether he would have made it if he had early access to cost-effective health care.

Affordable health care is in decline as premiums and health costs increase at exponential rates. Some politicians cannot relate to the cost burden experienced by families across the nation because they’ve historically received health benefits that most Americans have not.

Like millions of people who are panicking about possible changes to their health insurance, I’m concerned the people elected to represent us won’t have to live with the consequences or expenses that the rest of us may have to face soon. I want lawmakers to commit to treating themselves just like those who will be impacted by ACA repeal or replacement.

A lot of Members of Congress promote choice as an American value, which is all the more reason for them to have to continue to choose their own health coverage from the free marketplace. If private health care is good for the American citizen, it should also be good for the people that defend it.

If Congress is willing to drastically cut healthcare subsidies for most people, are they willing to have the same rules apply to them and their families?

carlos curbelo: Floridians in your district will lose coverage #trumpcare

In just over 40 hours, the House of Representatives will vote to take health care away from millions of Americans. This Thursday—seven years (to the day!) after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law—the House will vote on Trumpcare, their “plan” to repeal and replace the ACA.

The Republican plan will cause 24 million people to lose their health insurance by 2026 and increase average health costs in every state. Find out how Trumpcare would impact your community in this interactive map. This vote is far from a sure thing! More than two dozen House Republicans have said they are considering voting against the bill, which is all we need to defeat Trumpcare.

Help us defeat the bill:

  1. Use this toolkit with numbers and shareables, sample tweets, and sample call scripts to contact the representatives we need to vote no. Know anyone who lives in the first seven districts listed? Share this toolkit with them now!
  1. Share these stories from people who depend on the ACA.
  1. Rally to protect the ACA and the millions whose lives depend on it on March 23 by joining this DC rally or find an event near you at ResistanceNearMe.org.
  1. Help us protect health care and other progressive policies with a contribution. By donating $20, we’ll send you a resistance car magnet.

Thank you!

Protect the EPA!


Stop Trump from slashing the EPA’s budget!

Take Action!

Tell your representatives to protect clean air and water by rejecting budget cuts to the EPA.

Take Action

Donald Trump’s proposed budget is a disaster for the Environmental Protection Agency and the environment.

Under Trump’s plan, the EPA’s budget would be cut by almost a third, which would leave the agency hobbled and unable to protect the public from dangerous pollution.

Scott Pruitt, the head of the EPA, has called for an aggressive rollback of environmental protections and has falsely stated that carbon dioxide is not a primary cause of global warming. He’s not likely to defend the agency’s budget, so that means it’s on us.

Trump’s budget has to be approved by Congress. Contact your representatives today and tell them to protect the EPA’s funding and keep our communities safe!

Without proper resources, the EPA will have difficulty enforcing basic rules to protect our communities, which could include…

  • Clean air standards that prevent choking smog and limit the amount of toxic chemicals released into the air.
  • Clean water protections to keep toxic chemicals out of drinking water.
  • The Clean Power Plan, which limits climate-change-causing emissions and carbon pollution.
  • And many more programs that protect our planet and communities from harm.

Tell Congress to stand up for the EPA and protect clean air and water!

Scaling back the EPA benefits big polluters in fossil fuel and other industries, at the expense of our health. Without the EPA’s protection from pollution, we could see more asthma attacks, heart attacks, and even premature deaths.

We CANNOT allow Trump and Pruitt to sacrifice our communities. We must make sure this budget isn’t passed!

For our future,
Mary Nicol
Climate campaigner, Greenpeace US

P.S. Trump’s vision for our future is grim, but he can’t pass it by himself. Tell your representatives to reject any plans that will put polluters over people!

on this day … 3/23 1889 – U.S. President Harrison opened Oklahoma for white colonization.

1026 – Koenraad II crowned himself king of Italy.

1066 – The 18th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet took place.

1490 – The first dated edition of Maimonides “Mishna Torah” was published.

1657 – France and England formed an alliance against Spain.

1775 – American revolutionary Patrick Henry declared, “give me liberty, or give me death!”

1794 – Josiah G. Pierson patented a rivet machine.

1806 – Explorers Lewis and Clark, reached the Pacific coast, and began their return journey to the east.

1808 – Napoleon’s brother Joseph took the throne of Spain.

1835 – Charles Darwin reached Los Arenales, in the Andes.

1836 – The coin press was invented by Franklin Beale.

1839 – The first recorded printed use of “OK” [oll korrect] occurred in Boston’s Morning Post.

1840 – The first successful photo of the Moon was taken.

1848 – Hungary proclaimed its independence of Austria.

1857 – Elisha Otis installed the first modern passenger elevator in a public building. It was at the corner of Broome Street and Broadway in New York City.

1858 – Eleazer A. Gardner patented the cable streetcar.

1861 – John D. Defrees became the first Superintendent of the United States Government Printing Office.

1861 – London’s first tramcars began operations.

1868 – The University of California was founded in Oakland, CA.

1880 – John Stevens patented the grain crushing mill. The mill increased flour production by 70 percent.

1881 – The Boers and Britain signed a peace accord ending the first Boer war.

1881 – A gas lamp caused a fire in an opera house in Nice, France. 70 people were killed.

1889 – U.S. President Harrison opened Oklahoma for white colonization.

1901 – Dame Nellie Melba, revealed the secret of her now famous toast.

1901 – It was learned that Boers were starving in British concentration camps in South Africa.

1901 – Shots were fired at Privy Councilor Pobyedonostzev, who was considered to be Russia’s most hated man.

1902 – In Italy, the minimum legal working age was raised from 9 to 12 for boys and from 11 to 15 for girls.

1903 – The Wright brothers obtained an airplane patent.

1903 – U.S. troops were sent to Honduras to protect the American consulate during revolutionary activity.

1909 – British Lt. Shackleton found the magnetic South Pole.

1909 – Theodore Roosevelt began an African safari sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and National Geographic Society.

1910 – In the Canary Islands, women offered candidates for legislative elections.

1912 – The Dixie Cup was invented.

1917 – Austrian Emperor Charles I made a peace proposal to French President Poincare.

1917 – In the Midwest U.S., four tornadoes kill 211 people over a four day period.

1918 – Lithuania proclaimed independence.

1919 – Benito Mussolini founded his Fascist political movement in Milan, Italy.

1920 – Britain denounced the U.S. because of their delay in joining the League of Nations.

1920 – The Perserikatan Communist of India (PKI) political party was formed.

1921 – Arthur G. Hamilton set a new parachute record when he safely jumped from 24,400 feet.

1922 – The first airplane landed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.

1932 – In the U.S., the Norris-LaGuardia Act established workers’ right to strike.

1933 – The German Reichstag adopted the Enabling Act. The act effectively granted Adolf Hitler dictatorial legislative powers.

1934 – The U.S. Congress accepted the independence of the Philippines in 1945.

1936 – Italy, Austria & Hungary signed the Pact of Rome.

1937 – The L.A. Railway Co. started using PCC streetcars.

1940 – “Truth or Consequences” was heard on radio for the first time.

1942 – The Japanese occupy the Andaman Islands.

1942 – During World War II, the U.S. government began evacuating Japanese-Americans from West Coast homes to detention centers.

1950 – “Beat the Clock” premiered on CBS-TV.

1951 – U.S. paratroopers descended from flying boxcars in a surprise attack in Korea.

1956 – Pakistan became the first Islamic republic. It was still within the British Commonwealth.

1956 – Sudan became independent.

1957 – The U.S. Army sold the last of its homing pigeons.

1965 – America’s first two-person space flight took off from Cape Kennedy with astronauts Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young aboard. The craft was the Gemini 3.

1965 – The Moroccan Army shot at demonstrators. About 100 people were killed.

1967 – Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. called the Vietnam War the biggest obstacle to the civil rights movement.

1970 – Mafia “Boss” Carlo Gambino was arrested for plotting to steal $3 million.

1972 – The U.S. called a halt to the peace talks on Vietnam being held in Paris.

1972 – Evel Knievel broke 93 bones after successfully jumping 35 cars.

1973 – The last airing of “Concentration” took place. The show had been on NBC for 15 years.

1980 – The deposed shah of Iran, Muhammad Riza Pahlavi, left Panama for Egypt.

1981 – U.S. Supreme Court upheld a law making statutory rape a crime for men but not women.

1981 – CBS Television announced plans to reduce “Captain Kangaroo” to a 30-minute show each weekday morning.

1983 – U.S. President Reagan first proposed development of technology to intercept enemy missiles. The proposal became known as the Strategic Defense Initiative and “Star Wars.”

1983 – Dr. Barney Clark died after 112 days with a permanent artificial heart.

1989 – A 1,000-foot diameter asteroid missed Earth by 500,000 miles.

1989 – Joel Steinberg was sentenced to 25 years for killing his adopted daughter.

1989 – Two electrochemists, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischman, announced that they had created nuclear fusion in a test tube at room temperature.

1990 – Former Exxon Valdez Captain Joseph Hazelwood was ordered to help clean up Prince William Sound and pay $50,000 in restitution for the 1989 oil spill.

1993 – U.N. experts announced that record ozone lows had been registered over a large area of the Western Hemisphere.

1994 – Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexico’s leading presidential candidate, was assassinated in Tijuana. Mario Aburto Martinez was arrested at the scene and confessed to the killing.

1994 – Wayne Gretzky broke Gordie Howe‘s National Hockey League (NHL) career record with his 802nd goal.

1994 – Howard Stern formally announced his Libertarian run for New York governor.

1996 – Taiwan held its first democratic presidential elections.

1998 – Germany’s largest bank pledged $3.1 million to Jewish foundations as restitution for Nazi looting.

1998 – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that term limits for state lawmakers were constitutional.

1998 – Russian President Boris Yeltsin fired his Cabinet.

1998 – The movie “Titanic” won 11 Oscars at the Academy Awards.

1998 – The German company Bertelsmann AG agreed to purchase the American publisher Random House for $1.4 billion. The merger created the largest English-language book-publishing company in the world.

1999 – Paraguay’s Vice President Luis Maria Argana was shot to death by two gunmen.

1999 – NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana gave formal approval for air strikes against Serbian targets.

1999 – Near Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan, a bus fell into a fast-moving canal. Nine were confirmed dead, 31 were missing and presumed dead, and 20 were injured.

2001 – Russia’s orbiting Mir space station plunged into the South Pacific after its 15-years of use.