HUGE ruling for our planet … with the help from 8 kids- Will this win be repealed

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Eight courageous kids went to court to compel us adults to take action on climate change. I’m happy to say that they won.

These eight kids know that our state can do more to fight climate change — and I do, too. Their case has been a call for action to no longer ignore our climate and our kids. And now, the court has affirmed that our plan to reduce carbon pollution is the right thing to do, and now is the right time.

While we fight for better schools and an economy that works for everyone, making sure we do our part to protect our air and water for generations to come must be a critical issue for all of us.

Now, we need to stand together, along with those eight kids, and continue our commitment to taking action. Will you add your name right now in support of a strongClean Air Rule for our state?

Thanks to those eight kids, the court has affirmed our plan to act, contrary to the assertion of those who continue to obstruct action on climate change and ocean acidification. Hundreds of people have participated in the creation of our state’s Clean Air Rule and the draft will be out this month.

It’s a powerful statement that these kids took legal action to fight for the future of our planet — for their future. I’m grateful that they did. Their generation has so much more at stake when it comes to climate change. That’s why this election is so important.

We must continue to fight to reduce our carbon pollution immediately. We’re also going to build a clean energy economy — one where Washington leads.

Add your name right now to show your support for a strong Clean Air Rule worthy of our kids’ future.

This is about our future. This is about our kids’ future. Taking action is an imperative — I’m grateful to have you on my side for this effort.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee