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bad weather Wednesday &some News

a few weeks ago i posted an essay by Ron Paul called Rethinking Birthright Citizenship and a few days ago received a response on my blog, which is great but a bit concerning given the person agreed with his views that i feel are beyond extreme anyway here is the last of it i guess …

Comment: I know all about race and the illegal situation first hand.

I don’t think I’ve called Obama anything other than an American.  I may joke about him being a Muslim or whatever but he can thank Heloise and blogcritics articles for boosting him in the polls and helping him get over the racial hump.  Yes, I will take a little victory lap here.  Read ALL of my hundreds of Obama and political articles at blogcritics.org then come back and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about politically.  I think you will see I single-handedly set the standard for a lot of stuff that comes out of the mouth of mainstream media.  Yes, I did.


ME: Actually, I went to your site and read your comments or what you call critiques and like i said we live in America and thank goodness freedom of speech is just one great reason to live here. However, I read your comments in a much diff way and will stand firm. I think it’s fun and amusing that anyone would give themselves props for anything the mainstream media says because in my opinion it’s lame offensive and full of lies. If that is what you want props for then sobeit but FYI most people are not happy with the right of center biased comments from “the media” and my President , President Barack H. Obama is not only underesitmated people boost his polls because they are actually comparing and contrasting his comments against what the Republican Tea Party and the folks who control cable news as well as mainstream media thank you very much. I know a lot of folks would love to take the victory lap but he is his own force moving toward that change 53% of Americans voted for – I give any and or all props to this President -full credit for all that he does. – Well, welcome to America and thank you for responding to the rethinking birthrights cititzenship essay that RonPaul wrote though if i read your blog correctly you support his point of view which was why i responded originally. I still am offended by his views in that essay as well as anything else he says when he is on the airwaves about Race, birthright including the 14thAmendment.

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