Election 2010 -Americans V Republicans …

Sunday Buzz is Republican Hypocrisy and a couple of conservadems who have joined in on the ride hopefully out of office in November or the future.

There was a report about a week ago that some Republicans definitely needed, wanted and were happy about the Stimulus but only to a few and perhaps only under a confidential agreement i guess because it did not get much play in the News even though it should have. It was strange that the Media opted out of airing that story …it would have been great for Democrats… on second thought that probably is why it did not reach the 24/7 News cycle.

I am hoping that American voters are starting to see the forest through the trees contrary to all the obstruction being put up by Republicans. The voter does and it would be a good time for people to ask themselves if they see a future for America if Republicans are in office who happen to be willing at this moment to stall, bait, block and debate legislation in both Chambers of Congress and then vote No. It is not lost on me or should it be on anyone else why Republicans have decided to be the party of No, but will it take us all down if they succeed. taking down the governing party is un-American to me as this President and his Administration were elected contrary to all the BS put out there he is an American who ran for the office and 53% of our population voted for Barack Obama. It is obvious that the last President left a mess his party has if voted back into office stated they would repeal all the good things the Obama Administration has implemented. I have to ask where we would be now if Republicans had taken office. I ask the question but it would be in all our best interests not to go there too long because the thought is scary. I have to wonder does anyone remember what McCain said, or roughly stated, that our economy is fundamentally sound. That was a joke and many people did laugh but when he made the choice of Palin as his VP most people thought ok he is not the same guy. We heard a lot of Republican noise but in the end Americans were watching and listening and 53% decided we cannot let a group of people who led us into the ditch continue on to only help a select few if any if you believe what is being said. I ask people now how we can get a full recovery when it is clear Republicans are not willing to work with Democrats in Congress. The people we voters put into office need to start working together to get America back on track. Is it clear to anyone that Republicans have made their choice to not only follow Wall Street and Big Bank attitudes but they have sided and voted for reform only after they were able to water it down for who were they acting on behalf of people? When will Americans, at least that 53% who voted Democrat see that Wall Street is still making money, do you see the Dow going down, down, down? The answer is no; yet big Corporations are holding out and back from hiring, bit Banks will not loan to small businesses. It was only last week that Republicans voted against small business. And all along the Chamber of Commerce, a truly a conservative entity seems to be helping Republicans with talking points which should open our eyes people Republicans, Wall Street and big money have a complicit relationship that has decided to bet against the people in order to bring down President Obama efforts and regain control of the Government. It is obvious to me after watching and listening to folks like McCain, McConnell, and Boehner talk about what they can do for Americans is more like what they have been doing TO Americans. Then we have to include the stuff coming out of tea party people too it looks to me like the purity angle that the Republican party uses on their own will be thrust upon us all in this 21st Century. I don’t know about anyone else but that is not an option of mine even if President Obama has not moved more left of center he is the best choice for America now and should be given a 2nd term as well.

I do not believe Republicans represent all Americans and if you have watched, listened to the Republican noise lately they have not been hiding that fact at all lately.

We are in the 21st Century people we need progressive politicians working for All Americans and it is clear for me at least that actions speak louder than words and Republicans do not represent me. In this moment especially since Mid-term elections are here, again, Republicans made a choice; they made a bet that saying and voting against the people not only will bring down the governing party but that the People want this. I call on all 53% to vote out Republicans where we can and…

like President Obama stated Republicans should not bet against the people, they need to give us more credit for seeing the forest through the trees and will use our vote to voice our distaste our outrage our support of ALL Americans by keeping and or putting Democrats in Congress for Mid-Term elections.


Weekend  …News&Reviews

This week , this month, No the last 18months have been tough for Americans on so many levels and in some cases it has been sad, outrageous, disturbing and an eye opener to this voter. I have also been listening to this Billy Nungesser and other leaders, mostly Republican leaders on the Gulf Coast and it seems they all are saying one thing to the Feds and something diff to the Media and or behind closed doors.

It is time to get real –

It’s Saturday and the temperature in the 206 as told by the weather channel will eventually reach 83 but at this moment, it feels like a nice fall day with lots of wind and clouds …rain would be good for all things 206 as long as that 83temp comes our way later in the day. A poetry nut as a kid& in high school but learned in college that poetry is a required taste you either take it to the next level or not…i chose not and that might have been because of the prof we were subjected to ah but that’s a diff story. The point is, since 6th grade poetry wowed me then college profs stepped in and ruined it, but out of all the poetry thrown at me in college, the writers/artists that come to mind or can remember a line or two, only a few if im honest. There seems to be only one writer comes to mind a lot lately. It is probably because he was engaged in and wrote first hand about social injustice, he definitely influenced pop and politically culture or as we all know well -The Orwellian ideas and can still be applied to our society today , anyway, he expresses how i feel about the things being debating on all Media levels in the year 2010. i personally do not want to go back to colonial days it controlled my parents past &future and now a group on the hard right are determined to repeal the 14th amendment -we must move forward stay in the present so discrimination on all levels fails …

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” -George Orwell

It is recess time for Congress and did anyone get   pissed after hearing that great sound off by Anthony Weiner …while called a lose it moment by the Media and other stupid things the public …stated it was about fing time somebody flew off the handler. It was not a fake melt down as some in the Media have stated, clearly Anthony Weiner was getting heated by the moment about what most would say was a no brainer. There are first responders to ground zero that need help but Republicans decided yet again to vote no on an opportunity to help the very people that put these politicians into office. It is clear Weiner reached his boiling point maybe it is time for others as well because the past year , almost 20 months the American public has been manipulated by Republicans. The Party of No has been among other things the main if not the reason progress has slowed down. In a moment of time when we have elected our first bi-racial President who has tried to include Republicans but told no, he has been baited and then told no, he has been baited, and then the outcome scaled down. There are quite a few progressives in the Democratic Party who believe this President should move more left of center on all things Republican to keep his base but then what will the Media or people on the right call him then. The responsibility of getting his campaign promises or his agenda in Congress and voted into law is We the People …We all must call, some can march but we all need to vote Democrats in the November election. If we want America to be number one again, if we want a better economy, a better environment, better educational opportunities and health care available to all Americans not just a select few then vote Democrats.

The slogan of we want our country back has connotations of a time hopefully most Americans only want to read about in our history books not live out in the 21st Century.

The November Mid-Term elections are coming and what do Republicans have to show Americans they are doing the peoples business. We vote people into office who are suppose to be in the business of helping out all Americans not just a select few. If anyone has been watching the continual stalling and blocking tactics used by Republicans that quickly moved into voting NO with a couple of conservadems voting along with them. I feel all Americans have to ask  what can Republicans tell their own constituents they did to them when even their own voters are small business owners, first responders that worked at 9/11, are unemployed, need jobs, or have the capability to hire but the Big Banks are not giving out loans to.

What can Republicans say to Americans watching them vote No on every piece of legislation that could help ALL Americans …

The article below by Gallup Poll was done in April and is a re-post and should be a warning for the millions of Obama supporters to keep up the good work and mobilize to get others to vote Democrats in November for both Chambers of Congress… if you believe in a positive change ..believe in We the People not … some or just a select few … then come be  one of millions to help the effort and process of the change we can all believe in … Young, Old, Caucasian, First time Voter, African-American Latino, Women, 1st Nation Peoples and those in between -YES WE CAN …damn  WE HAVE TO.

By Frank Newport: Younger Voters Less Enthusiastic About Voting This Year

April 26, 2010 Gallup Poll

Younger American voters are less enthusiastic about voting in this year’s midterm elections than those who are older. At the same time, 18- to 29-year-old voters currently favor the Democratic candidate in their districts by a 12-point margin over the Republican candidate.  More …

Other News …

**Obama calls on Iran to release the 3hikers being held for a year

**Israeli air strike kills Hamas Commander

**Chelsea Clinton gets married on the last day of July

**Sealing the BP well has been delayed;the relief wells need to be cleaned out;a 2-3day delay

**MSteele cancels his Urban League appearance

**BP announces 100  settlement to oil rig workers

**Gov.Jan Brewer’s  request to expedite her appeal has been turned down-until November

**Israeli air strikes hit the Gaza Strip

**Sen.Ben Nelson (D)states he will vote No to the Elena Kagan confirmation



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New Leadership Assigned to BP; Congress Examines Oil Spill Impact to Tourism

BP’s Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward resigned Tuesday, following a meeting of the company’s board of directors in London. The board named Robert Dudley, who took over BP’s Gulf cleanup efforts last month after a series of public gaffes by Hayward, as the new CEO. The Mississippian is the first American to lead the 101-year-old British oil giant. The move takes effect in October, with Hayward expected to receive a severance package estimated at $18 million and a new post with a BP joint venture in Russia.

Also last week, the Gulf oil spill claims fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg testified before a House Energy Subcommittee on the spill’s impact on the tourism industry. The U.S. Travel Association says the tourism industry accounts for one million jobs in the Gulf region and $39 billion in annual tax receipts. Feinberg said that he will issue a “blueprint” to the compensation facilities and that a claimant’s “proximity” to the oil spill site will be one of the factors in determining the amount of damages awarded.

In his briefing on Friday, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen (Ret.) said that implementing “static kill” would be delayed after debris was found in the relief well. The procedure, which includes pumping heaving mud from the surface down to the broken well, will likely begin next week.

Cemetery Ex-official takes “full responsibility” for mismanagement

The former superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery, John Metzler, said on Thursday that he takes “full responsibility” for the mix-up of graves at a Senate Homeland Security Subcommittee hearing investigating the mismanagement of contracts at Arlington National Cemetery.The military spent an estimated $6-$15 million on computerizing the cemetery’s paper burial records. According to an Army report, as many as 6,600 have been misidentified, improperly marked or buried in the wrong graves because of bad record keeping. Longtime Arlington National Cemetery Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent, both who recently resigned, were subpoenaed to appear at today’s hearing.The U.S. Army Inspector General’s office released a report last month on management problems at Arlington National Cemetery.

photo: Getty Images