tame it Tuesday &some News …

Today is definitely one that needs taming, the air is thick with pollen and by the end of the week, the 206 should be experiencing high temps again…

Ten years ago a procedural vote on HR1586 in the House of Representatives took place ..a Vote to help Teachers, Govt workers, Firefighters, and 1st Responders..it extends the stimulus money to help States pay Medicaid, a $26Billion Bill.   …in a time when a deep recession has occurred and need to pump money into the system is obvious …Republicans want tax cuts for the wealthy and no one on the right seems to know how or who would pay for the $830Billion needed to pay for them, they don’t want reform they only want what will keep the upper 1-2%happy and made threats using Wall Street back then now it’s average Americans that are a target.  The action republicans continue to engage in is offensive and All Americans should be outraged …it’s time to open your eyes people. If you are listening … the target in on the Poor, Impoverished, and People who they continue to believe are dragging them down? because they want to spend money on the wealthy without paying for it? I will say this over and over again… All citizens have been made a victim and for Republicans and a few conservadems have shown themselves to be unworthy to be in Congress …that is supposed to represent the People

No Doubt the Democratic Party is working for the People and NOT against Us. The Speaker of the House called Congress at least those that are in the House of Representatives back into Session. The reports back then were that they would only meet on Tuesday and vote to fund Teachers, First Responders in this time of financial crisis that Republicans have and continue to vote against Americans whenever possible and apparently, things haven’t changed.

The House of Representatives were in Session Monday night for about 2-3 hours, which was a surprise to see this morning. Republicans started saying No 20 months ago and have not stopped, have voted time, and time against their own constituents. We the People have to stand up against this come to the November elections.

It is so offensive to think Politicians not only would want to say No to workers in such a deep recession of the US but run away from all things called Reform. It is obvious we need to reform a whole lot of things the last guy left us –because that  is who pushed us into the ditch. We did not fall completely over the edge but if we give Republicans control, we definitely will not just be in a deep recession but a depression. If it sounds cynical well it is because for 20 months not one Republicans has given us concrete plans to get Americans back on track

Today seems like a day when we all, maybe it is just me because i do need to breathe in slowly in deeply -breathe out, repeat as needed. –

–With all the noise coming from the right about stripping citizenship from children of immigrants , how SB1070 had hidden consequences and definitely an intent to oust Brown people out of Arizona, which, if you know your history has only been a US state since 1912. It begs the question of who owned Arizona before right? well, we all know but it points to the class system and how people of privilege seem to be rearing their ugly head.  The crap that upsets me is equality is a right not a privilege and no one especially Politicians should not forget that. I know this much is true…If my Ancestors had not gone through the journey to America …good bad and possibly ugly as well as those who gave in to their passion and love for each other, my family would not exist and i thank them for taking the risk

There are so many things going on in the News right now that should bother all of us and while clearly as a whole we are in a better place,  it is the 21st Century and the ugly struggle continues. Yet, the whole Elena Kagan confirmation hearings gave me that eerie feeling of how it must have felt back in the day when folks of colour and the women were treated so poorly. There seemed to be a whole lot of folks engaging in specific toxic talk that seems embattled and begs us to ask ourselves where Republicans are regarding race. They have to know the public is watching the conversation on national TV right so it was very confusing to hear people, voted supposedly into office to create and pass laws for all people have made a choice to put Party and Profit before the Peoples business.

Now, Republicans seem to be using old white strategy, reasonable suspicion, and the14th Amendment to scare; I guess White people. There are people in the News or analyst stating that when there is a recession of the kind we are now having people get restless and start to look for a target and unfortunately, it seems to be the other… Well, for me that is just not acceptable. We live in a country made up of immigrants and while it is true that we need comprehensive immigration the nonsense coming from Politicians on the right saying we need to look at changing, adjusting, or stripping the 14th amendment because it is outdated or for whatever reason just crosses the line of sanity.

America is a country of diverse backgrounds and if you listen to the vitriol being put out there, on the airwaves you would have to wonder if racism is coming from folks we vote into office and how can we stop that before they get there. Is there a test, criteria to be met before you can run for office? Ok, I know there are far and few because if there were rules laws then we definitely would not be seeing even half of who is currently sitting in the Senate.

Is there a voice of reason in the Republican Party of No? Because the Elena Kagan confirmation hearing if nothing else brought the Republican stank out and into the open. It was obvious to me that it should have people of colour deciding just who they will be voting for in the upcoming elections and it cannot be for Republicans, as the rhetoric doesn’t just seem racist it is that and with that disrespect follows. The comments about the man Elena Kagan clerked for, Thurgood Marshall who just so happens to have a lot of respect from a hell of a lot of people were disrespected on national TV. I still wonder what these nasty Republicans felt like when his Widow walked into the ceremony for Elena Kagan. The fact that she was there was covered by the Media and cable but nothing was said about any remorse or apologies or possible embarrassment Republicans may have felt considering the things that were said during the confirmation hearing.