Happy Halloween &some News

The weather, wicked as it is being reported for the mid-west and east coast has been life as per usual here in the NW- rain, with snow if it’s falling is in our mountains and will hopefully stay in the higher elevations for a while because some reports say Washington will get record amount of snow this year…ugh

The last few weeks of campaigning by Teapublicans have made me absolutely sick what with the loony tune behavior and racist comments by folks who are not qualified to be representing anyone let alone the people of America

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” –George Orwell

i personally do not want to go back to colonial days  …it controlled  my grandparents past &the future of my parents and now a group on the hard right are  determined to repeal the 14th amendment the civil rights … we must move  forward stay in the present so discrimination fails …the past fails

A year ago yesterday Restore Sanity and or Fear Rally was held and though we have OWS now the cliché …same BS different day still applies just change the names/dates and we still have a whole lot of BS that needs to get kicked to the curb … #VOTE4BarackObama2012

10-30-10 Restore Sanity and or Fear was fun to me and while some seemed confused over what the point the message the obvious silliness of it all i for one felt it was a moment to gather at the National Mall either physically or online like me and apparently there were 4 million of us online while 250thousand were at the Mall to say to America look the rhetoric is getting crazy, people are not just engaging in silly fear mongering the engagement has become physical people are getting hurt and this bullying has got to either take a more moderate tone or nothing will get accomplished at all and i don’t exactly remember what Jon Stewart said …something like we are in the hard times but it is not the end of times.  If you listen to in my opinion the right they have led people to believe that the boogey man is out to take theirs away from them and they have to take back their country in whatever form that takes even if they have to use 2nd amendment remedies and to me that is just insane and stirs fear which gives people cause to become what paranoid which then makes them act out and believe me i am fearful each time i hear Palin, Beck, Limbaugh or even Breitbart make comments that seemingly cause folks to commit crimes,  possible death or at least caused a lot of people to be fired, lose business and lately death threats.  This rally was diverse had great music by the Roots, Ozzy osborn, Mavis Staples,Tony Bennett, Yusef, the OJays,Kid Rock plus cutie pie John Legend and I was totally impressed by the not so R&B instrument, the Tuba. It looked like they had enough potties though rumors were they did not and yes, there were many miscues. There were many people different from themselves standing together without violence, some may have even agreed to disagree but i saw no one being taken down because of it or stomped on or put in handcuffs, not too many offensive signs and actually, some were quite clever. The crowd definitely leaned left of center there were 250thousand people so we know they couldn’t have all been lefties though some in the media might have you believe that. By the end of the day, reports and or stories started being blasted and one in particular grabbed my attention because i question the reasons lady had for being at the rally or even her sanity a bit but hey, she was there expressing or doing their own thing though strange in my opinion. The AP interviewed and gave this lady major attention and while we all have the 1st amendment to fall back on she stated she and the 400 she brought there voted for Obama but will not again. This woman stated she not just wanted to wipe the slate clean she admitted to having dreams of Jon Stewart as a candidate but as she describes her dream, it became violent and well, something awful happened. I have to say all i could think of was insane in the membrane when i read it and boy it was definitely symbolic of what is going on today. When people are angry and in that anger if poked prodded and protesting just is not enough comes reactions by folks who need to take it down a notch … who knew it would take a comedian to say this is how i feel do you feel this way too! ok so let’s take it to our National Mall and show our Politicians and their cronies whoever that may be and tell them we want debates we want discussions but the crap that is going on right now is not acceptable …in my case the Republican Tea Party is at fault …done and period. The provocateurs know who they are and i don’t know about you but having some or quite possibly a lot of them are folks running for Public Office possibly getting paid by our tax dollars,  that is just not right or acceptable to me let alone having to hear what they plan to do if elected.