wagwan Wednesday &some News

The President will be in Scranton to talk jobs, the economy and more; this should also be a moment the public hears about the improvements made from where we were the President will talk about where we are heading and need to be.

just another rant …

 Again, despite Teapublicans, President Obama has been working for the Middle and Lower Classes though folks on the right prefer to think and talk otherwise. Things are better; we all know the recovery is not over though if you asked Teapublicans they would say they probably really have not seen a big difference in their lives. I have to wonder if the house of bush gave full disclosure as to when our economy spiraled into that ditch – started –  and who really is giving this President the time to correct it… realistically.

So, I received comment about President Obama ignoring the Constitution. I appreciate the fact that i even get any comments at my blog … i try to respond to most comments  like the one below …  

FLPatriot said 1 day ago:

“You’d think the oath that mattered most to our elected leaders would be this one:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States…”

If the President ignores it, why should we expect any politician to follow it?

ME:In order to reply accurately to your comment regarding the President  ignoring the Constitution you must be more specific by listing specific examples of or where President Obama has, in your words “ignored it”. I know you are politically to the right so the comment is not a surprise …but I think that a pledge made to a private citizen such as Grover Norquist Versus the oath taken by members of Congress are definitely subject to questions –  have proven repeatedly which oath and or pledge is more important with their votes … and sadly they are known to say they think Obama has it out for and against the constitution. Most Rs&T ‘members of Congress talk about the state of our constitution and try to use it against the Obama Admin. If you listen the next thing you hear is their slogan about having to “take their country back” because the constitution is being misused, the 14th Amendment is not good enough for Americans. Now, in this year of 2011 and more  progressive bills being passed Teapublicans feel the Constitution,specifically the 14th Amendment needs to be adjusted, changed, or taken out completely. It seems to me that what these people are afraid of is what our world of Americans looks like and what it will look like in the future and it will be more progressive, more black and  brown, more gays, more interracial, more lefties than these people want to accept.

Other News …

President Obama Presses for Payroll Tax Cut Extension

FCC Nominees in Confirmation Hearing

Lawmakers Consider Internet Sales Tax

Senate Votes on Defense Programs; Payroll Tax Vote Friday

Senators Hear About Antipsychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes

Proposed Trucking Hours Examined in House Hearing