Join HCAN in calling for an end to the Republicans’ witch hunt against Planned Parenthood.

Join HCAN in calling for an end to the Republicans’ witch hunt against Planned Parenthood.

Women won a great victory in the GOP’s war on women’s health. After the Susan G. Komen Foundation said it would stop funding low-cost medical services provided by Planned Parenthood, millions of people spoke up to register their opposition. Following days of relentless criticism, the Komen Foundation apologized and reversed itself.

The reason Komen used for its initial decision was that Planned Parenthood was under a government investigation. But what is this “government investigation” of Planned Parenthood? It is nothing more than a witch hunt by anti-Planned Parenthood ideologue, Representative Cliff Stearns (R-FL). He has pledged to defund Planned Parenthood – a move that would deny 3 million people access to basic health services including cancer screenings.

When Komen adopted this new rule, it was clear that Planned Parenthood would be the only organization affected. Without warning, Komen abandoned its nonpartisan stance and became a symbol of the Republicans’ overreach.

Right-wing ideologues like Rep. Stearns and his war on women must be stopped.

Will you join us by signing our petition calling on Rep. Stearns to call off his witch hunt?

It’s a crime to deny our care.


Will O’Neill

Stop Forcing People OFF Their Land

  Thousands of people are being forced out of their homes to make way for commercial agriculture. They receive little or no compensation for the loss of their land and homes, and are forced into villages without the basic facilities for new people. Stand up against this injustice! »
Because of the timing of the relocations, at the beginning of the harvest, and because no food or health resources have been made available for these people, malnutrition, illness and starvation are becoming endemic.
Human Rights Watch reports that any resistance is met with threats of violence. The thousands already moved are just the beginning; the Ethiopian government plans to relocate 1.5 million people by next year.
This violation of human rights cannot continue.
Please sign the petition to stop Ethiopia from continuing to force its people off their land! »
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Kathleen ThePetitionSite
Ethiopia, Stop Forcing People Off Their Land
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Save Pakistan’s Gentle Desert Bird, the Houbara Bustard!

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The houbara bustard, a gentle desert bird native to Central Asia, has been poached to near-extinction despite being protected under Pakistani law. These birds need your help! »
The Sindh Wildlife Department has full authority to control sport hunting. However, influential local personalities  support this tradition, and the law is not enforced.
These birds are crucial to maintaining the biodiversity of the Middle East and Central Asia, but are expected to go extinct in as little as 15 years if sport hunting is kept up.
 tell the Sindh Wildlife Department in Pakistan to make an effort to save the houbara from extinction.   »

Don’t let Congress Take Food From Hungry Families

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For people living on the brink, food aid is a lifesaver – literally. But if some members of Congress get their way, programs that give food to people in desperate poverty worldwide will face drastic cuts up to $500 million.
We can’t let Congress make cuts that could force millions of families to go hungry.  »
These days it’s more important than ever to keep support strong for hungry people around the world. Between the crisis in the Horn of Africa leaving millions on the brink of starvation and economic hardship leaving families hungry in every corner of the globe, the cuts to funding Congress is considering will mean people die of starvation.
As Congress continues to push to cut the tiny part of our budget that goes to help stop starvation among the world’s poorest, we need to take action now to save millions of lives. Add your voice to the movement today: tell Congress not to cut food assistance for impoverished families around the globe. »

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Ellen B.
Don’t let Congress Take Food From Hungry Families
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Bowling for Equality in Seattle

Bowling for Equality in SeattleSunday, March 11 Two Hour Bowling Shifts: 3:00 – 5:00 p.m.| 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. | 8:00 – 10:00 p.m.The Garage 1134 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122

Tickets:Happy Hour Pricing on Food and Drinks until 7:00 p.m! $40 before March 4 or $50 after. This event is 21+

Help the Human Rights Campaign raise vital funds for our work supporting  marriage equality in The Evergreen State! Your ticket purchase includes  an annual HRC membership and helps us continue our work to raise  awareness and support for the marriage equality movement in Washington.
Come bowling with friends and other Seattle Human Rights Campaign supporters at The Garage on Capitol Hill. Included with your ticket is an annual  membership to HRC, light appetizers, bowling shoes, and 2 hours of  bowling. Prizes will be awarded all day long!