24 States Refuse to Expand Medicaid …


24 States Are Refusing to Expand Medicaid. Here’s What That Means for Their Residents: Some states are so locked into the politics of Obamacare that they’ve refused to expand the Medicaid coverage that would help more working families get covered. As a result, nearly 5.4 million of their own people are being left uninsured.Take a look at our map — and see what it means for their residents.24 States Are Refusing to Expand Medicaid.


The Time is Now: President Obama Meets with Business Leaders on Immigration ReformYesterday the President, Vice President, and senior Administration officials met with a group of top U.S. business leaders at the White House to discuss the importance of commonsense immigration reform to bolster U.S. economic growth, improve the climate for business, and help create jobs.

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First Lady Michelle Obama Celebrates Diwali at the White HouseYesterday, First Lady Michelle Obama welcomed guests to the White House for a Diwali celebration. The celebration started with the First Lady suprising local students at a Bollywood dance clinic and trying out some moves herself.