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We are at the beginning of a New Year 2014, yet the behavior in Congress stinks lest we talk about the things going on at the state and local levels with questionable political actions by Governors and Politicians that lean conservative.  Do not get me wrong, leaning right is okay. It is when you find out that Republicans, voted into office may not have given full disclosure as to exactly what they have planned for their constituents after all.   It makes you wonder why folks, clearly suppressed don’t organize and revolt more often.

another rant, but not exactly mine …

 While annoying attitudes about the Middle/Lower Class and the Poor linger we must all press on …We must educate motivate and recruit potential voters to put better Representatives for the People in Congress  … not to mention better Governors; all of whom should do the People’s Business, not for a small group of benefactors !


In January of 2009, Joe Biden said the middle class was left out of the last economic boom in America now suffers because of it and President Obama supposedly initiated a task force to improve the quality of life for the American Middle Class. ** Many such comments have been made by several administrations over the last several decades.

I think the best advice is not to impose federal programs/regulations that work toward transforming the middle class into the rest of a society that denies itself nothing regardless of the ability to pay for it. To help the middle class, start by reducing and limiting federal subsidies for the less fortunate and eliminate them for the lazy. At the same time scrap tax & investment programs, only the upper crust can take advantage of, reward fiscal responsibility by leveling the playing field (make the words “equal opportunity” mean something again).

Promote individual responsibility to mortgage only what can be repaid, applaud the ability to recognize the difference and put on a pedestal the integrity to put both in play.

Government cannot create jobs or wealth. You have seen firsthand how command economies have run the rest of the planet into the ground while America became the envy of the world. What’s happened to us is corruption. Corruption with the size and scope to turn Freedom and Liberty asunder.

Harry, I am the Middle Class…. but it’s not a measure of my wealth – rather it’s a mind-set and it’s what’s in my heart. I rarely think about being rich because deep down inside I do believe it’s not possible to get that way without at some point wrongfully taking advantage of others and/or breaking the rules BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE POOR EITHER FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASON. I don’t want to lead… I don’t want to follow…. I don’t want anything to do with politics. All I want is to be left alone to peaceably be responsible for myself and no-one else unless I see fit and I despise the desires of government to treat me otherwise. I am not your enemy nor am I an enemy of anyone… however, you Sir, have proven a thousand times over to be mine.


I read and re-read your comment and while I believe, what VP Joe Biden said is true.  it is obvious that you do not and if I may take it even farther you sound like a Ron Paul supporter who I feel… let me say that again … whom I feel is an isolationist deep down and some other things that really have no place here.  I believe the government is there when the People cannot do for themselves and if you have watched, listened and heard what happened while George Bush was President you might side with me though he did prove without a doubt; he had absolutely no control of the government.  The idea that “he and his people”  waged 2Wars 2huge Tax cuts without a pay for then decided to wait until the very last-minute as Americans prepared to vote in 2008 Presidential election to let us know quite vaguely that our economy was at risk. I know I was not alone, wondering and sensing something was wrong and while Hank Paulson held several pressers telling everyone that we need $$ because our countries economic stability was about to collapse or had.  That taxpayers had to help the banks etc. because they were too big to fail and we cannot tell you how the money will be used or how much -which really meant that the Private Sector had done something and it wasn’t good.  The damage done needed government intervention, maybe not the way Hank Paulson& George Bush handled it but the tangled weave woven of our monetary system is not only a national problem but also an international one.  Our system is still at risk  … you may not have felt it …I did …my state government started laying off people and while it was not given a lot of PR … I have to say way too many co-workers working for the state lost half if not more of their 401S ….and the climb up was slow . The House of Bush lost its credibility by waging 2Wars and giving his rich friends 2 tax cuts and a lack of regulation by an unqualified 8yr tenure of spending. This could not have been recalibrated by the market or private sector … because they were the problem right they didn’t figure it in,  bankers etc. org like country wide did some awful things and that dragged not just the middle class it managed to create ”the new working poor” unable to pay their housing mortgages.  Though folks in the know say, people should not have gotten into loans they could not afford a lot more to that story than meets the eye… BofA knows and so does country wide … Sir, there are at least 300 million people in the US of A and the Government thank goodness is there to take up where others cannot …I like and want FEMA,FDA regulations regulating food, FAA, the dirty air and water available for ALL Americans because I know I cannot regulate these things.  I am happy our Government takes care of those things and let us not leave out Teachers, Firefighters, EMTS or the Police … all usually government jobs. I am not a States Rights believer. I still cannot believe any state would and should privatize such important jobs …and to know that in this yr. of 2011,people who don’t or cannot pay for the protection of their homes or belongings gets absolutely no service while their house burns down is far beyond my understanding of any libertarian ideology and as far as corruption? I still feel like America was raped by our fellow Americans by the financial system and those JOB Creators the banksters abused their power and while VP Biden is your enemy he and President Obama has been our savior in my eyes. The governing body has had to put aside the status quo for trying something new, pushing, promoting a balanced call to action. Unfortunately, the status quo is far more acceptable than doing the right thing … We can all see that by tuning into the rhetoric from Republicans and the Tea party who just tried to take our economy and our Democracy down again. I am certain that we are our brothers keepers and with the right balance….

Capitalism will live on, hopefully in lower case c.  If we have learned anything it is that absolute power can create absolute corruption …like banksters and anyone affiliated should be warned and our future better when the proper amount of regulations are implemented … so that AIG, BP, the Massey mine and disaster like it are regulated …and the keystone pipeline as well. I believe we need a Congress that is concerned about our fiscal issues but who don’t forget the past and the damage done … Republicans seem bent on the status quo and VP Biden and President Obama want ALL Americans to do well- I support that. It is all about balance. I feel if President Obama’s first few months or 2yrs in, Congress had acted for the good of ALL Americans instead of Republicans deciding to take the President down, or those blue dogs and yes some clintonites held grudges.  Imagine if all these members of Congress had done what we taxpayers actually pay them to do – put People over Profit, Country over Political Party. No task forces no filibusters no personal BS – I wager more regulation but balanced and a respect for the People’s vote in 2008- I do not live in an isolationist country though we all have the right to privacy. I would say that income inequality, racism, the war waged on worker and women’s rights are the enemy of mine


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No, quite the contrary…. the middle class has indeed been kicked in the teeth for nearly 5 decades. Year after year, decade after decade the middle class has lost ground to the wealthy and yet forced to pay more for the poor because government tries to feed, clothe and house them yet at the same time turns it’s back on corrupt manipulation of the economy. Both sides of the political aisle in the US have been equally vile and corrupt for a long long time. Until we address this and rid ourselves of it, we will never be able to right ourselves. Arguing Democrat vs Republican nonsense is just the rhetoric used to feed the fire… to keep your focus off all the criminal intent between Washington and business. There’s nothing wrong with honest Democrat/Republican doctrine/values. What’s going on today has little to do with either and it’s time we grow up… face it…. and do something about it.

There are plenty of laws to provide for a decent and civil society as long as we are willing to enforce them. The problem today with asking our government to capture and punish the bad guys is that many in government ARE the bad guys. USA Today reports that 57 members of Congress are included in the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans. In fact, the report says that in all, Congress holds 249 millionaires. Interesting that both Republicans and Democrats evenly make up the list and gee what a surprise to find out that most of them amassed their wealth after taking office. We know these guys are all just astute investors/businessmen because they’ve told us so. There’s no taking advantage of non-public market information going on in Washington. This is America – remember…. the land of equal opportunity for all who are willing to work.


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Well, having read this response means you really did not read mine. I was agreeing that the Middle Class has suffered for quite some time. If I remember, you are against task forces to remedy the issue. I believe we agree on some of the issues but clearly disagree at how those issues can and should be handled.

I lean left. I believe that I am my brother’s keeper and as a person of colour, it is in my own best interest to make sure that not only are minorities treated like others, with respect, equality and have access to all the same opportunities to move up.  It makes America an even better place and as far as Democratic or Republican rhetoric? there is a stark difference … getting money out of Washington if that is your main interest means starting on the local level. The status quo pays but it starts in your State where the best or most promising are courted. I have no problem with the idea …”getting money out of Washington” what I do take issue with is how folks act like it just started and blame President Obama for the ills of at least 20yrs of destruction having come to bear on his watch. I am upset Bush was allowed to skate without so much as a question … when did the bs really start ,why didn’t you implement a pay for the 2Wars waged 2Bush Bonus dollars . I read your comment …my question is … did you feel this much about it for the nearly 5 decades you state we have been kicked in the teeth for? I watch and listen to various pundits on cable yelling screaming and then blame the Obama Admin.  Where were they during the House of Bush and unlike some, I have no problem with that 1-2% of self-made million/billionaires who have tried to give back.  I do take issues with the Cantor, Boehner and McConnell’s clearly having a positive upward agenda for the 1-2% but not for the Mid-lower classes.  As I said, I have no problem with capitalism with a small c. I agree Congress is sometimes vile, greedy and speaks for the 1% … but that is usually when Republicans are out of control like Bush. I support President Obama, but am not very happy with conservadems, conservative members of Congress, Tea Party members or Republican Governors throwing us under the bus. We must ask a Republican … what kind of an America are they trying to move us into when they live ,love and push income inequality … class warfare – and just so you know … folks are willing to work yet those JOB Creators keep offshoring jobs making life unequal as more opportunities dry up.

HIM: I have no further comment other than to wish you a Merry Christmas.

ME: Thank You … and A Happy New Year to you …

First Posted on 12/24/2011 … The we  Vs them mentality is at work and the post still relevant.