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 Space entrepreneur seeks end to spy satellite launch monopoly
SpaceX’s Elon Musk is vying to break the controversial grip of Boeing and Lockheed Martin on launches of the U.S. government’s most sophisticated national security satellites.

VOTER INFO: Ballots are due Tuesday for special elections in King and Snohomish counties. Read more

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Suspensions hit minorities, special-ed students hardest, data show

City Council: Fully fund safe access to Seattle parks

Snohomish County:Surviving homeowners face the possibility of having2repay mortgages on homes that no longer exist.…

A proposed Senate bill seeks to expand “green” energy curriculum to public middle and high schools across the country.







Barclays, Stop Poisoning My Home

Rainforest Action Network

Tell Barclays to stop financing mountain destruction!

 I’m visiting Barclays and I need you to back me up.

by Paul Corbit Brown, via Rainforest Action Network

In 2013 Barclays gave $550 million in financial support, more than any other bank, to companies destroying my home of central Appalachia with mountaintop removal coal mining (MTR).

That is why I’ve traveled all the way to England to speak at Barclays’ annual shareholder meeting. I want to ensure that the bank’s leaders and shareholders know about the true scale of destruction caused by MTR.

Will you help make sure Barclays can’t ignore the devastation? Click here to tell Barclays to stop financing mountaintop removal coal mining!

MTR is destroying everything I love. More than just leveling mountains, it will pollute our water for countless generations. The health of all those around me is already suffering. Cancer, birth defects, lung disease, heart disease, and dramatically shortened life expectancies have sadly become normal in the communities where MTR is practiced.

The coal industry could not do its dirty work without the help of banks like Barclays. We need to make sure the bank and its shareholders hear that no corporation and no individual has the ethical right to profit from the destruction and sickness caused by MTR.

Send a message to Barclays right now!

When people like us hold banks responsible for financing destruction, we can make a difference. We’ve already persuaded JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo and BNP Paribas to move away from MTR financing.

Barclays bank’s executive team will be under tough scrutiny at their shareholder meeting. If we act in unison today, we can ensure that the message I’m going to deliver to the meeting packs a powerful punch—and demands responsible and ethical action from the bank.

Tell Barclays to take responsibility for its investments and stop financing mountain destruction!

Unprecedented Adult Stem Cell Research Shows Promise2

04/23/2014 9:20 AM EDT


FDA scientists are working on an unprecedented project. They’re studying adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)—cells that could eventually be used to repair, replace, restore or regenerate cells in the body, including those needed for heart and bone repair.

Seven labs at FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research are working in a consortium to fill in gaps in knowledge about how stem cells function. This research could ultimately be key to the advancement of personalized medicine, in which medical treatment is tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

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