What it means to stand with survivors in Ecuador

For fifteen years, Amazon Watch has fought in solidarity with the 30,000 Amazonian inhabitants Chevron deliberately poisoned, in defiance of the harassment, legal attacks, and slander the company has thrown at us. We’re up against the third largest US corporation, and we’re beating them. Last week, a petulant Chevron CEO John Watson shut down further questions at the company’s annual shareholder meeting when we challenged him, saying, “I have been trying to answer questions about Ecuador for seven years! I am not taking any more questions!”DONATE TO END CHEVRON’S IMPUNITY

At the meeting, Amazon Watch accompanied our longtime ally Humberto Piaguaje, Secoya indigenous leader from Ecuador, to confront Watson and the Chevron board face-to-face. Humberto and his neighbors’ homes are surrounded by almost a thousand oil waste pits that Chevron abandoned, Those 18 billion gallons of toxic waste still release carcinogens into their water supply every single day. Over 1,400 people have already died of cancer, yet Chevron refuses to clean up their mess.

After Chevron lost the biggest environmental case in history in 2011, it refused to compensate its victims or even apologize to them. Now Humberto and the affected communities are forced to chase the oil giant around the globe to make them pay. We stand with them, and we will continue to do so. The supreme court of Canada has already ruled unanimously in favor of the Ecuadorians to allow a debt collection trial to proceed. When that trial begins in September, Amazon Watch will be there alongside them to represent the survivors of the worst oil related disaster in history.

It has taken 23 years to get this far. Chevron expected the Ecuadorians and their allies to give up or die off years ago. They have spent $2 billion trying to make that happen, but we will not be intimidated. Our campaign is almost completely funded by individual donors and small donations. Thanks to all who have supported it for years!

This is the most important corporate accountability case in history, and Amazon Watch will never stop fighting until Chevron is held accountable. Please donate today and be a part of this epic battle for justice on behalf of the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon and all those who stand up against corporate greed everywhere.

For justice and a clean up in Ecuador,

Paul Pay y Miño
Associate Director