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A map showing areas of Internet outages the morning of Friday, October 21, 2016. At the time, a distributed denial of service attack on Dyn, an Internet and DNS service provider was underway by unknown sources. The map was created by DownDetector, a company that tracks such outages.(Photo: DownDetector)


Help stop oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon!

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Once again we must share the tragic news of more toxic oil spills in the Peruvian Amazon and government mishandling of the crisis. Despite the fact that seven major oil spills have already occurred in 2016, the Peruvian government has refused to shut down its faulty pipelines and instead is expanding its operations in the region.


Time and again, Peruvian government representatives have either ignored local communities’ cries for help or responded only with false promises and inaction. Last week, Amazon Watch’s Advocacy Director Andrew Miller traveled to meet with communities organizing a blockade to protect the Marañón River, where he gained more insight into the ongoing environmental health crisis and the communities’ movement for justice and accountability. International support and solidarity is key to the success of these efforts.

Support Amazon Watch’s work with indigenous communities to demand that the Peruvian government:

  • Replace all unsafe pipelines
  • Clean up all oil contamination
  • Compensate the contaminated communities
  • Not criminalize the protesters

Like the water protectors in North Dakota, indigenous peoples in Peru face repression and threats every day for their efforts to defend the Amazon and their homes.

Amazon Watch’s work on the ground in Peru – in conjunction with our campaign to End Amazon Crude – is rooted in years of partnership and effective strategies in the region. Together with your support, we will expand our efforts until all indigenous lands are protected and we keep it in the ground.

Be on the right side of history! Help end the fossil fuel age and stand with environmental defenders on the front lines in Peru.

Thank you!

Leila Salazar-López
Executive Director

Child sexual assault …

Petitioning Steve Daines, Jon Tester, Lindsey Grovom, Dennis Lenz, Austin Knudsen, Montana Judicial Standards Commission, Steve Bullock

Impeach Judge John McKeon

Petition by Justice 4 Montana
A father raped his daughter multiple times and will only serve 60 days of jail time. Judge John C. McKeon sentenced 40 year-old Martin Blake to only 60 days of incarceration and probation for the admitted, multiple rapes of his 12 year-old. Judge McKeon even gave Blake credit for the 17 days served while awaiting trial, meaning he will only serve 43 days for the brutal sexual assault.

This is not what the prosecution wanted. They had made a deal with the father that would give him a 100 year sentence with 75 years suspended for the repeated rapes. That would have put the father in jail for 25 years. Judge McKeon ignored what the prosecution recommended, and did what he thought was best for the rapist instead of the victim.

60 days in prison with a suspended 30 year sentence does not match the crime and fails to acknowledge the horrors the victim had to endure. Judge McKeon did not uphold the responsibility of ensuring justice as he is required to in his elected position. The judge provided a number of reasons for his horrible decision. None of them justify the sentence that was handed down.

He is just one of many judges who have been caught handing down light sentences to rapists. This must stop and we can only do that by sending a message. It is time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets. Please sign this petition calling for the impeachment of Judge John C. McKeon.

Judge McKeon seemed to only listen to those who stood by a man who sexually assaulted his own daughter multiple times. From the victim’s mother to his church, they came out in support of Martin Blake. The victim only had the justice system on her side, and it failed her. Judge McKeon failed her. She deserves justice and together we can help be her voice.

The Judicial Standards Commission must review this case to right this wrong, but in the meantime, we can ensure Judge McKeon doesn’t get to retire and collect a paycheck from taxpayers after failing to fulfill his duty as a judge. Please sign and show your support for the impeachment of Judge John C. McKeon.


Seth Kirby, Washington Won’t Discriminate Vote4BobFerguson

Right now, 23 states are pushing an unprecedented federal lawsuit with the singular aim of stripping protections for transgender workers and students across America.

But our Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, is fighting back.

AG Ferguson and elected leaders from twelve other states have signed onto an official brief in support of federal transgender non-discrimination protections.

This year, we have seen so much progress for transgender rights in states across the country—including right here in Washington, where together, we defeated the discriminatory Initiative 1515. But we’ve also seen unprecedented backlash nationwide. That’s why it’s really critical that when elected officials do the right thing, and stand up for transgender rights, we show we stand strongly behind them.

Click here to sign our thank you note to Attorney General Ferguson and make sure he knows that when it comes to supporting transgender equality, you’ve got his back.

At this very moment, Washington’s transgender non-discrimination laws are still under threat. The same anti-transgender opponents who pushed I-1515 earlier this year are staging a second round of efforts to repeal our state’s long-standing protections. They want to remove decade-old protections and make discrimination the law of the land.

That’s why it’s so important that a leader like AG Ferguson is standing up against anti-transgender attacks—to send a message loud and clear that discrimination has no place in Washington, or anywhere else across the United States.

Now, it’s on us to show AG Ferguson that we appreciate him championing the rights of transgender Washingtonians—and that the people of Washington believe in treating our transgender neighbors, family members and friends with respect.

Add your name to thank Attorney General Ferguson for his leadership and commitment to fairness and equality, and we’ll hand deliver your note to his office.

If this heinous lawsuit seeking to strip federal protections succeeds, it will set the movement for full transgender equality back in a HUGE way—and leave countless transgender Americans vulnerable to heightened rates of discrimination and abuse.

AG Ferguson is making sure that won’t happen. Let’s show him we’re grateful.

Seth Kirby
Campaign Chair

How we can help students succeed together : Kevin Durant

Born and raised in Seat Pleasant, Maryland, I grew up in a community with higher rates of poverty and lower graduation rates than most of the state. For me, having the support of my mom was critical, but the support of mentors like the people I met at the local Boys and Girls Club, or people at my community activity center, or my youth basketball coach also helped ensure that I was able to graduate from high school and pursue my dreams.

That’s why I’m proud to be part of the My Brother’s Keeper Success Mentors Initiative, which helps support kids in communities like the one I grew up in. Check out this video to learn more:

The MBK Success Mentor Initiative helps connect caring mentors with students in sixth and ninth grades in high-need school districts across their communities. Our goal is to provide mentors to more than 250,000 students over the next two years and ensure that they have they support need to stay in school and achieve their dreams.

Every kid deserves an opportunity to succeed. Unfortunately, every year, over 6 million children miss at least a month of school, putting them at significant risk of falling behind and not graduating from high school. And one in three kids grow up without a mentor. By supporting My Brother’s Keeper and the Success Mentor Initiative, I’m proud to help change those statistics so that all kids have the support they need to make sure they are in school and can reach their potential.

Together, we can make the difference. Here’s how you can join in: Head to and be your brother’s and sister’s keeper starting today.



Kevin Durant