Call Texas Governor Greg Abbott ~512-475-2615 ~ $10mil TX #RainyDayAid

: We won’t need a special session for aid.

Phone: 512-475-2615 Ask Gov. Greg Abbott why he feels there is no need for a #SpecialSession for #HarveyAid and does that mean he will NOT use the reported $10milRainydayFund?  Thing is, the rain that came left more than a puddle! Research: Harvey is a 1000-year flood event unprecedented in scale and each state must make a full disclosure on what funds they have and at least debate vote on how much will be used NOW … Hurricane Season and the responses should be  preplanned event -better

Why not use the RainyDayFund for infrastructure! the nation watched and is still watching a well meant effort in Texas but lost a lot of strength to #MotherNature … Some of us watched General Honore try to hint,tell chide folks about the possibilities,the better safe than sorry moves and while he was on camera his words became foreboding in my opinion …when i heard the grids may not have been shutdown the first thought is who knows maybe there would have been less opportunities of explosions? If not school me, but we all saw the levees breached, shelters flooded, reevaluation of what locations to evacuate first is needed ,designated staging locations organized,boats,air support and military use of real equipment like amphibians etc. in place …

Houston Rescue Crews, on every level, should all be recognized for their work …hours spent in nasty water,fires,accidents while putting their own lives at risk and needs on the back burner is beyond expectations … the local community and national helpers,Mexico, neighbors helping neighbors, folks flying in to help, restaurants, reporters, the weather folks and many others that we will never hear about all pitched in  … It’s time for a serious investment in infrastructure for all of Texas

Expect the bestplan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised

~ Nativegrl77