What to do when the ash stops falling

Tips for Cleaning Your Home and Yard
Falling ash is a problem while fires continue to rage throughout the County. But after the flames are gone and it stops coming down,
cleaning your house, car, boat and yard will be a problem. Because runoff water filled with ash can clog storm drains and pollute our
waterways, you need to take steps to minimize the impact. There are several things you can do:

• Do not allow children to play in ash.
• Determine if ash and debris can be contained and cleaned up without washing material into the storm water system
• Wash ash and debris into landscaped areas wherever practical

• Use a damp mop to clean up ash and debris from small areas
• Dampen accumulated ash and debris and scrape it up or vacuum it up using an adequate filtering vacuum
• Take your car to a car wash or wash it over a vegetated area such as your lawn
• If washing your roof, redirect downspouts to landscaped areas
• Use a high efficiency HEPA-type vacuum to clean your indoor carpets
• Use a damp cloth to pick up dust from smaller surfaces
• Use a damp mop for non-porous surfaces like tile or vinyl floors
In relation to clean up, residents and volunteers should use caution since the clean-up process involves ashes and other particulates:
People with lung or heart problems should avoid clean-up activities and areas where dust or soot are present. Thoroughly wet dusty and
soot area prior to clean-up. This will help to reduce the amount of particulates becoming air-borne.

Wear an appropriate dust mask during clean-up. If exposure to asbestos or other hazardous materials are suspected, do not disturb the area.

Dust masks do not protect against asbestos.