Removing these dams could save rivers

President Obama said: Crack Down on Deadbeat Dams

  By DamNation Film

Communities in nearly every state are choosing to remove high-cost, low-value dams to restore rivers, recover fish stocks, revitalize waterfronts, improve quality of life and render watersheds more resilient to climate change.

Join us in calling on President Obama to crack down on deadbeat dams, beginning with four especially harmful, federally operated dams on the lower Snake River in southeastern Washington: Ice Harbor Dam, Lower Monumental Dam, Little Goose Dam and Lower Granite Dam.

Snake River salmon and steelhead once thrived, with up to 30 million wild fish entering the mouth of the Columbia River every year. Now, every Snake River salmon stock is on the endangered species list or extinct.

Obsolete dams impose a high cost on river communities and ecosystems, our economy and tribal cultures. We have found better ways to do the work of dams, and we have a historic opportunity to restore wild salmon to over 6,000 miles of river habitat. Now is the time for action on the Snake.

This petition was created in conjunction with the documentary film DamNation, and supporting partners Patagonia and Save Our Wild Salmon.

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