THE TOP 5 PRE-Existing condition – LIARS
We all know that the ultimate Republican dream is to end the ACA. So, why do Republicans think Americans will fall for their lies now?
Meet the top five pre-ex liars of the 2018 midterms:
President Trump continued the GOP’s midterm strategy of lies with a tweet claiming that Republicans will protect people with pre-existing conditions far better than their Democratic opponents. What?
Rep. Martha McSally (R, AZ-02), Arizona Senate candidate, claims she led the fight to “force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.” Fact check: McSally voted twice to repeal the ACA and rip away those protections, at one point telling her GOP colleagues to get this “f***ing thing” done.
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R, CA-48) expounds on his commitment to protect pre-existing conditions. Meanwhile, he voted 9 times to fully repeal the ACA and overturn pre-existing conditions protections.
Missouri AG and GOP Senate Candidate, Josh Hawley, is going full-on pre-ex hero is his ads. FACT CHECK: Hawley is currently a plaintiff in a lawsuit that would repeal Obamacare and strip away pre-ex protections.
Republican incumbent Governor Scott Walker (WI) claims that he’s committed to protecting people with pre-existing conditions as governor. Funny, considering he’s currently suing to rip protections away from Wisconsinites.