Women – Life – Religion … were sacred?

btw  … women, life and religion ARE sacred

I don’t know about you, but i believed the statement in the video above was disconcerting back in October!

Now, given what we know about his attitudes towards immigrants, women and choice. One has to wonder, is It that surprising that john kelly maybe others in the White House knew about the spousal abuse allegations against rob porter and said nothing. If so, we must scrutinize all of the people and the information coming from the White House no matter who talks  – officially or not.  Come on … are we in the “Mad Man” era of trump? What happened to  transparency! This White House has so much to answer for given the people who have temporary security clearances … just hearing the stories of these women is beyond my understanding of what is the norm in our federal government as acceptable behavior! Yes, mr porter resigned, but it’s disturbing how easily this administration seems to defend and or have folks within the walls of our White House engaged in such offensive behavior and or bad judgment including the guy calling himself the president

It’s just an opinion but isn’t there  a pattern of some kind finally appearing

~ nativegrl77