he just won’t stop [ACA sabotage] It’s two years later and …


President Trump’s attacks on health care didn’t stop when Republicans failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

This week, Trump intends to go at it alone by issuing an executive order that would undermine and weaken the ACA.

Reports say it will:

  • DESTABILIZE our health care system;
  • INCREASE premiums for millions;
  • GUT protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions;
  • EMPOWER insurers to charge more for less care

This is just the latest White House plot to sabotage the Affordable Care Act:

  • He’s prevented states from implementing plans to drive down premiums;
  • His Administration slashed grants that help marginalized individuals access coverage;
  • And, his Administration still refuses to commit to cost-sharing subsidies, creating uncertainty and increasing premiums throughout the country.

We have a duty to stabilize the insurance markets and ensure that Americans can access quality care. Give what you can and stand up against Trump’s continued sabotage.

We can’t let up,



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