5 things standing in the way of fair maps

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1. Conservative governors in our target states
States’ governors in places like Texas, Georgia, and Ohio have the ability to veto unfair maps drawn during redistricting — but many of them in our target states have a track record of hostility toward voting rights and fair maps. Just this week, the governor of Texas signed gerrymandered maps passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature.

2. GOP party leaders in places like Ohio and Texas
In states like Texas and Ohio, influential GOP party leaders are openly encouraging gerrymandering. The Ohio Hamilton County GOP Chairman said: “…Republicans should look out for Republicans when drawing the lines for apportionment.” And the Former Texas GOP Chairman said Republicans should “not concern themselves with ‘fairness'” during redistricting.

3. Republican representatives blocking democracy reform legislation
Every Republican House member voted against the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the For the People Act when it was brought to a vote this summer. And just last week, every Republican senator voted against even debating the Freedom to Vote Act.

4. Anti-democratic senators in Congress
Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have consistently obstructed democracy reforms. Cruz called the For the People Act a “dangerous piece of legislation,” and Graham falsely claimed that it’s a “violation of the Constitution.”

5. Right-wing political pundits
Senators in Congress aren’t the only ones blocking commonsense democracy legislation. Extreme, right-wing political pundits are drowning the airwaves with falsehoods about democracy reform legislation and using their platforms to amplify lies about “voter integrity” effects — also known as voter suppression tactics. As states like Georgia, Texas, and Ohio draft, release, and pass maps — conservative governors, GOP party leaders, Republican lawmakers, anti-democratic senators, and right-wing pundits are working relentlessly to undermine our democracy.

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