2014- April 2- Emergency protests against horrible Supreme Court decision

The Supreme Court just ruled on Citizens United 2.0—once again siding with big money over the voice of everyday Americans. MoveOn members are joining allies at more than 150 Rapid Response Rallies today across the country to respond to the decision—and there’s one near Seattle. Can you join?

Yes, I’ll Attend!

Dear MoveOn member,

BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court just opened the door for super-rich donors like the Koch brothers to flood even more elections with their money by abolishing aggregate contribution limits for individual political donors—and MoveOn members and allies are responding at more than 150 rallies across the country.1

This case—McCutcheon vs FEC—is 2014’s Citizens United. It’s another nail in the coffin of free elections and of government by the people.

Shaun McCutcheon is an Alabama coal tycoon who was fighting for his right to give as much money to as many politicians as he pleased—and he won in a rigged game.

We can’t vote Supreme Court justices out of office—but we can definitely make sure that they—and the media and politicians watching—know the people’s opinion in this case. That’s why MoveOn members are showing up TODAY with other progressives and allies at more than a 150 Rapid Response Rallies nationwide in reaction to the Supreme Court’s flawed decision.

Can you join in at an event near Seattle?

Yes, I can make it to a rapid response event today!

The more of us that show up today, the stronger the message we’ll send to the media, politicians, and opinion-makers that in the court of public opinion, money can’t buy votes.

Shaun McCutcheon spent $300,000 in the 2012 election cycle.2 But that wasn’t enough for him—he wanted to max out his contributions to more politicians. So he took his plea to legally buy more of our Congress all the way to the Supreme Court—and he got support from none other than Sen. Mitch McConnell’s own legal team.3

What’s important right now is that we send a clear message: if the Supreme Court is going to become a conservative activist, then the rest of us are only going to get louder. The media, politicians, and the Supreme Court can’t ignore more than a 150 events happening within hours of their soured decision—especially not if MoveOn members join allies and show up in mass.

Click here if you can join the thousands of people gathering today around the nation to protest this decision.

It’s clear that the fight to get big money out of politics just got a little bit harder—that it’ll take a little bit longer. But we’ve been making progress in state after state with resolutions against Citizens United, financial disclosure bills, and even campaign public financing. We’ve faced bigger set backs before.

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Jessica, Matt P., Matt B., and the rest of the team

P.S. Our friends at Public Citizen have been a driving force behind this and news outlets like the Washington Post have already picked up on the events.4 Click here to find an event near you.


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